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Erigo Aluminium Windows and Doors Range

Erigo is a range from Eternia that is also WiWA© certified, but the price is a pleasant surprise!

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Protect your world with India's first WiWA© certified windows

Heavy rains can lead to water leakages through windows. Protect your home with WiWA© certified windows. Know your WiWA© score

Frequently asked questions

Erigo aluminium sliding and openable windows and doors are WiWA© certified– which means they are tested for air permeability (a measure of how well sealing keeps out elements like heat, dust and noise), water pressure (how well your windows can keep out heavy rains) and wind pressure (how well windows can withstand heavy wind loads, including cyclones). They are also designed with a sleek modern design, and a surprising price point for the quality! For even more customizability, you can upgrade to the Eternia range.

Yes! Because Erigo windows and doors have been WiWA©-certified for water pressure and wind pressure, they can withstand heavy rains and even cyclones. Rest assured, your home is safe with Erigo windows.

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