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Common interior design mistakes that are ruining your sleep: curated by one of the premium aluminium windows manufacturers

November 3, 2022

Your bedroom is the perfect place to rest and get away from the hustle and bustle of the day. While your bedroom should be high on aesthetic appeal, it should also be able to support you in terms of sleep. If you have been struggling with sleep despite following a healthy bedtime routine, maybe your bedroom setup is adversely affecting your sleep quality.  From the position of your bed to the bedroom windows, every element in the bedroom can impact your sleep quality. As one of the leading premium aluminium windows manufacturers, we look at some of the design mistakes that are ruining your sleep:

  1. Choosing the uncomfortable bed and mattress: A bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom and it completes the bedroom. To create a  relaxing bedroom, it is important to choose the bed and mattress not just on the basis of looks but also comfort. A good bed supports the mattress while a good mattress supports the natural shape of your body. Do spend time researching the types of beds and mattresses available before making a purchase.

  2. The bed is positioned in the wrong place:  The bed  should be positioned in such a way that you receive air from the fan and there are no glares coming from the window.

  3. The colour scheme is too unsettling: Bright colours are great for kitchens, living rooms  and study areas as they stimulate the brain. However, vibrant hues may distract you during your sleep. However, this doesn’t mean your bedroom has to look boring. Choose lighter shades of bright colours. For instance, light blue, peach and leafy green can give your bedroom a hint of colour without being too overwhelming. To make your bedroom look alive and inspiring, add some accent hues in the form of bright cushions, artwork, figurines and decorative items.

  4. The curtains are too flimsy: Exposure to street light during night can lead to fragmented sleep. It has been found that exposure to light blocks the production of melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone, thus interfering with the sleep-wake cycle. If street light is disturbing your sleep, hang blackout curtains to minimise the outdoor light getting in through the windows.  If you love sheer curtains, use them in combination with blackout curtains.

  5. The room is cluttered: Does your bedroom have things lying all over the floors? Is everything not in its dedicated place? This could be one of the reasons behind your sleeping troubles. According to a study, clutter can negatively affect the quality of sleep. To create a relaxing bedroom, declutter your room by removing the things you don’t need and getting the appropriate storage solutions for the things that will remain in the room.

  6. Not installing noise reduction windows: Sound of the traffic or construction work, and noisy neighbours can be disturbing when you are craving for a good night’s sleep. If noisy distractions are part of your daily routine, it is time to create a peaceful environment by installing soundproof windows. Our premium aluminium windows can help you enjoy better sleep at night by reducing outdoor noise. Our windows are made with Duranium™ frames and high-performance glass. Together they reduce the outdoor noise levels by 35dB. Our windows are available in a wide range of colours such as classic cream, forest brown and midnight black. To know about white, grey or black aluminium windows’ prices, book a free consultation.

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