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Aluminium Windows and Doors Design for every room

World-class windows and doors for every room

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Bedroom Windows and Doors

Wake up in your sanctuary, protected from dust, heat, noise and pollution. Let the morning breeze and birdsong in when you’re ready.

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Kitchen Windows and Doors

Shut out the noise, dust and outside world, and escape into the joy of making a meal. Let in some fresh air, and let out strong smells when you need to.

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Living Room Windows and Doors

Enjoy the silence and time with your loved ones by shutting out the noise, dust, heat and demands of the outside. Let in the sounds of the world to inspire you.

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Balcony Windows and Doors

Enjoy the uninterrupted view and the silence on the days you feel like staying indoors. Enjoy the breeze on your skin and the bliss of the memories you’re making when outdoors.

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A gentle reminder: aluminium is the only eternally recyclable metal. This makes it the most environmentally sustainable choice for you. Learn More

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we offer openable and sliding sound insulating aluminium windows and doors for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and balconies.

Yes, all our openable and sliding aluminium windows and doors come with sound insulation and soundproof options. You can choose the degree of sound insulation you need depending on your requirement. Our windows come with a WiWA© certification, which means they are tested for air permeability: a measure of how well sealing keeps out elements like heat, dust and noise. Our windows are also compatible with high performance soundproof glass.

Our openable and sliding soundproof aluminium windows and doors are the perfect fit for balconies. They are WiWA©-certified to keep out sound, heavy rains, dust, noise and even withstand cyclonic winds. Our aluminium windows for balconies can also be customised with different colours and finishes to suit your balcony design.

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