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Tips and Tricks to Reduce Noise With Window Glazing

Our surroundings are becoming increasingly noisy. After a long, hectic day, one yearns for quiet, and what better way to unwind than your home? Doors and windows are the entry and connecting points between the outside and inside that let in light, air, and noise. Therefore, it becomes important for homeowners to soundproof their existing […]

window noise blocker | Eternia Windows

Revolutionizing Noise Blocking with Aluminium Doors and Windows

The windows of a home are a source of connection with the outside world. They act as barriers between the inside and outside. It’s important for these barriers to be sturdy and properly installed. Many consumers are unaware of the benefits of replacing traditional doors and windows with aluminium ones. Some try to improve their […]

Aluminium Doors and Windows Near Me | Eternia

Explore the Characteristics of Aluminium Windows and Doors Offered by Local Suppliers

In Indian households, little thought is given to choosing doors and windows for a house. The primary factor is whether these windows and doors look good with the home design. This is a very negligible but common approach. At Eternia, we understand this dynamic and ensure our consumers are well-informed about their purchases. Our well-designed […]

Slim Aluminium Windows | Eternia

Enhance Your Courtyard With Aluminium Doors

In this blog, we introduce you to the revolutionary power of aluminium doors in elevating the allure and functionality of your courtyard space. Your courtyard is more than just an outdoor area; it is where you retreat and escape from the world. And what better way to enhance its appeal and maximise its potential than […]

Premium Aluminium Windows | Eternia

Emerging Innovations in Premium Aluminium Windows

When the world is talking big things about sustainability and how to approach it at all levels, from industry to consumer, we at Eternia have established ourselves in the market. Our aluminium windows and doors are in sync with the market trends; they are above them. We believe change is best showcased by action, and […]

kitchen window design | Eternia

Enhancing Your Kitchen with Distinctive Window Styles

The kitchen is where everything gets cooked, literally and metaphorically! Therefore, it needs to be clean, tidy, and conducive. The first and foremost thing that a kitchen needs is proper ventilation. So naturally, windows become an essential part of a kitchen setup. The next challenge, then, is to choose the right kitchen window design, a […]

aluminium sliding windows | Eternia Windows

Optimizing Home Ventilation and Lighting Using Aluminum Sliding Windows

If we compare traditional house structures with modern ones, the prime difference can be seen in how they were built. Traditional homes emphasised symmetry and formality, with compartmentalised rooms designed for specific purposes. Incorporating classic proportions and decorative elements like mouldings, columns, and trims was prevalent. But when it comes to modern homes, people prefer […]

Aluminium Windows Best Quality | Eternia Windows

How to Check the Quality of Aluminum Windows

As a leading aluminium windows and doors manufacturer, Eternia understands the importance of choosing high-quality products for your home or business. That is why we ensure we provide top-tier products that stand the test of time. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you determine if our aluminium doors and windows are good quality. Material and […]

aluminium framed windows | Eternia

The Adaptability of Slim Aluminum Windows

As John Howard Payne wrote, ‘Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home’. Humans have spent their entire lives perfecting their personal spaces since time immemorial. Safety, comfort, and luxury are sought and deserved by all. In the effort to seek a perfect home, we emphasise the significance of windows that meet […]

aluminium doors and windows | Eternia

The Pinnacle of Quality: Hindalco Doors and Windows Edition

The fenestration industry, still in its infancy in India, holds immense growth potential. Many consumers may not be aware of its existence or scope. Fenestration means doors and windows, their design, construction, and placement. Given India’s vast landscape and different climatic zones, understanding the importance of the right doors and windows is a must. This […]

Noise Proof Windows | Eternia Windows

Noise Proof vs. Noise Cancelling Windows

In the hustle-bustle of the modern urbanised world, where quality life is a luxury, choosing the right windows for your home can be challenging. This is especially daunting when misplaced information is moving around. The same is true of noise-cancelling windows. Established fenestration brands and retailers often term their products noise-proof or noise-cancelling. Eternia, by […]

Benefits of Aluminium Glass Window | Eternia Windows

The Advantages of Upgrading to Aluminium Window Glass

The modern homeowner seeks more than a mere view; they aspire to encompass durability, energy efficiency, and security in their living environment. Aluminium Window Glass emerges as a modern solution, characterised by its sleek design, robust construction, and versatile design options. Serving as an emblem of contemporary sophistication and ecological responsibility, the transition to glass […]

cyclone proof windows | Eternia Windows

How Sliding Doors made by Duranium Increase your House look

The Indian architectural landscape is undergoing a transformation. Sliding doors and windows are becoming a prominent feature in modern homes, driven by advancements in construction technology, evolving design preferences, and a growing emphasis on maximising natural light and space efficiency. These doors and windows seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas, creating a smooth transition that […]

water proof windows | Eternia Windows

Essential reasons for weatherproof windows

Keeping your home comfortable and secure is a top priority. But what happens when the weather throws its worst at you? India has been experiencing an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, including cyclones, heavy rainfall, and high-velocity winds. As the external barrier to your home, windows and doors play a […]

Water proof windows

Delving into Waterproof Window Solutions

The pitter-patter of rain can be a soothing melody, but when it turns into a relentless downpour, leaky windows can turn your dream home into a damp nightmare. Especially in India, where monsoons unleash their fury, waterproof windows become a necessity, not a luxury.Water leakage presents a significant risk to the structural integrity and longevity […]

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