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Sliding Aluminium Windows and Doors

Eternia brings the power of the world’s first Duranium™ alloy with WiWA© certification into your home. An upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

Erigo Sliding Windows

ETE SD – Eternia Essential sliding windows and doors

Upgrade to WiWA© certified windows. Slim design.

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ETE SD Pro – Eternia Essential pro sliding windows and doors

Stunning, slim design. Large sizes. Highest WiWA© score.

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Aluminium Windows for Bedroom - Eternia by Aditya Birla Group

ETP SD- Eternia Premium sliding windows and doors

Stunning, slim design. Large sizes. Highest WiWA© score.

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ETL LS – Eternia Luxury Lift and Slide doors

Smooth sliding panels for uninterrupted views

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ETL SS- Eternia Luxury Slim line doors

Ultra slim profiles for a minimalistic look and feel

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Did you know Alumimum windows can be made in any color of your choice? Book a free consultation now

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we offer high-quality sliding windows which have been specially designed for India. Our sliding windows and doors are made with a world-first Duranium® alloy, and are WiWA©-certified, which means they are tested for air permeability (a measure of how well sealing keeps out elements like heat, dust and noise), water pressure (how well your windows can keep out heavy rains) and wind pressure (how well windows can withstand heavy wind loads, including cyclones).

Eternia’s sliding windows and doors are designed to be ultra-slim and modern. Our sliding window design ensures you have uninterrupted views of the outside world. We have ensured that our sliding window design can be customised according to the colours and finishes of your choices.

Your choice between sliding windows and casement/openable windows depends on your preference for your home.

Casement/openable windows enable 100% opening, making it suitable for small opening sizes and entrance doors. Sliding windows offer a modern look to your home and are best suited for large openings. It also helps save space in the room and is easier to operate.

Eternia offers both high-quality aluminium sliding windows and aluminium casement/openable windows.

Final price depends on several factors: type of window, size of window, WiWA score, number of windows, chosen accessories and finish to name a few. Our call center executives will be happy to give you more details about the cost of sliding windows. Please click here and leave us your details for a free consultation.

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