1. Why should I buy Eternia Windows?

Our windows blend modern design, incredible functionality and end-to-end service to guide you through the whole process.

Eternia Windows are made with a specially-invented alloy: Duranium™. It lends unmatched strength and superior finish to Eternia windows.

Our windows are India’s first WiWA© certified windows, which means they offer unmatched resistance to cyclones, heavy rains, air pollution, noise and dust.

Our windows come with an industry-leading warranty of 12 years.

That’s not all. Eternia windows can be highly customised: choose from any colour of your choice, a wide range of finishes and accessories.

2. What are WiWA© certified windows?

WiWA© stands for wind, water and air resistance. It is India’s first rating system that helps you pick the right windows using an evolving scientific algorithm.

A WiWA© score allows you to gauge the performance of windows on three parameters: wind pressure, water pressure and air permeability.

Our WiWA© certified windows are independently tested and certified to withstand extreme weather conditions like cyclones, as per global standards.

3. What is Duranium™ alloy? How is it different from other windows?

Duranium™ is an eternally recyclable aluminium alloy invented by Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer which Eternia is part of.

The alloy has been specially invented for Eternia’s windows. No other windows in the world have Duranium™.

It not only provides unmatched strength to our windows, but also lends a superior and smooth finish.

4. Why are aluminium windows better than other types of windows?

Aluminium beats other window materials by a long mile, on almost every parameter.

  • It is eternally recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Aluminium windows can be customised in unlimited and longer-lasting colours, and have a much smoother finish..
  • As aluminium is a non-corrosive metal, there is no possibility of rusting. This simply means these are very easy to maintain.
  • 100% safe under all conditions, especially extreme Indian weather conditions.
  • It offers superior resistance to water and wind. Aluminium windows come with an in-built drainage system so there are no water leakages. They are also designed to withstand extreme wind-pressure, even cyclonic winds..

5. Can I get customised windows?

Yes, you can. You have an unlimited choice of colours to select from, and a range of accessories and finishes: anodized, wood coated PVDF and powder coating. Your window expert will guide you through the process of selecting a design that enhances the beauty of your home.

6. In the current (COVID-19) situation, how do I get Eternia windows installed?

Our installation process takes just a few hours, and is completely safe. All our fabricators and installation staff wear PPE kits, sanitise all equipment and follow WHO-recommended guidelines.

7. What kind of maintenance do Eternia windows require?

Aluminium windows require very little maintenance, as aluminium is a non-corrosive material and does not rust. Our quality finishing also ensures that colours look new and fresh for years. We also offer the best-in-class warranty.

8. How do I get started with the process?

It’s simple, all you need to do is book a free consultation with one of our window experts by clicking here. Our window expert will understand your home, your requirements, the problems you’re facing and your design preferences. The expert will then guide you through every stage: from selecting to customising to purchasing your windows.

9. How do I find the right windows that fit my needs?

You should identify your needs and refer to the WiWA© score of a particular window to check if it matches your requirement.

WiWA© score is India’s first rating system that rates a window’s performance on three parameters: wind pressure, water pressure and air permeability.

For example, if you live in a city with extremely heavy monsoons, look for a high water score. Similarly, if you live in a very noisy or polluted area, look for a higher air score.

We also have a team of dedicated window experts who will be happy to understand your requirements in detail and recommend the window that will fit best into your home. You can begin by booking a free consultation here.

10. How much time will it take to install the windows?

If windows are being installed for the first time in your new home, then the whole process will only take a few hours. However, replacing your old windows can take up to a day.

11. How do I get in touch with you if I face any issue with Eternia windows?

We have a dedicated support team who is available to assist you at all times. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on +91 97699 40000.

12. How long will it take for my windows to be delivered and installed after placing my order?

Several factors such as the customisation requirements and the location will affect the delivery date. When you place your order, you will be given an approximate installation date.

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