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Enhancing Your Kitchen with Distinctive Window Styles

June 27, 2024

The kitchen is where everything gets cooked, literally and metaphorically! Therefore, it needs to be clean, tidy, and conducive. The first and foremost thing that a kitchen needs is proper ventilation. So naturally, windows become an essential part of a kitchen setup. The next challenge, then, is to choose the right kitchen window design, a design that matches your interior and style preference. With the world transitioning to more durable and sustainable practices, individuals now prefer window options that are relatively durable and long-lasting.

We at Eternia understand this increasing demand for innovative and sustainable products and have always focused on providing the best possible products. We specialise in aluminium windows and doors and are the first in the Indian industry to implement the sustainability factor in our windows. All our products come with a GreenPro label certified by IBGC.

How can you elevate your kitchen with our aluminium windows?

You can choose your kitchen window design from our Eternia Essential Range or Eternia Premium Range. There are several ideas to elevate the look of your kitchen; some of them are:

  1. Regulating the airflow

    You can choose our Casement windows for a regulated and optimised airflow. This is mainly because casement windows are hinged on the frame’s side, allowing them to swing outwards. This outward swing creates a larger opening than sliding windows, enabling more fresh air to enter the kitchen. Also, by installing multiple casement windows of small size or two large ones, you can regulate the amount of ventilation you need in your kitchen.

  2. Maximising the space with minimalist designs

    Our sliding and pro sliding windows for kitchens are highly recommended if space optimisation is your priority. Both types have thin aluminium frames, which create an open feeling and allow more natural light to enter the kitchen. Sliding windows open horizontally and eliminate the need for clearance space in front of the window. This makes them ideal for smaller kitchens. If looking for a seemles entry to your backyard you can opt for our unique door for kitchen variant, slide-and-fold doors from our Luxury range.

  3. Focusing on panoramic views

    Our tilt-and-turn windows from the Eternia Premium range are different from our casement windows because they have a dual mechanism that allows them to be tilted at the top for ventilation and to swing open inwards like a door fully. This creates a larger opening than casement windows, giving you better access to outside your kitchen. Additionally, the slim frames allow for an expansive glass area that translates to a broader, more expansive view of the panorama outside your kitchen.

What makes Eternia different from its competitors?

If you’re looking to create your perfect kitchen, our dedicated kitchen window designs can be a great addition. Our commitment to designing according to your preferences means that our windows will fit seamlessly into your vision. With WiWA protection, you won’t have to worry about the elements affecting your kitchen environment. The noise-resistant feature will ensure a peaceful cooking experience, while the mesh option will prevent unwanted pests.

Our windows are excellent for creating a comfortable and functional kitchen space. For further details, visit our website or contact our professional.

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