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Enhance Your Courtyard With Aluminium Doors

June 27, 2024

In this blog, we introduce you to the revolutionary power of aluminium doors in elevating the allure and functionality of your courtyard space. Your courtyard is more than just an outdoor area; it is where you retreat and escape from the world. And what better way to enhance its appeal and maximise its potential than with the sophisticated, modern touch of aluminium doors?

We will also explore the benefits of aluminium doors to your courtyard. From their unmatched aesthetic appeal to their durability and energy efficiency, our aluminium doors and windows are versatile and practical solutions that can transform your courtyard into an oasis of comfort and style. Whether you seek to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly or add a cutting-edge look to your home’s exterior, aluminium doors offer a versatile solution that can satisfy all your needs.

How can Aluminium Windows and Doors be a Useful Addition to Your Courtyard?

Aluminium doors and windows are not just a transition from one room to another; they are a transition from your old, boring style to a modern one. Adding our doors and windows to your courtyard would be your best decision. This is because a courtyard connects your indoor and outdoor spaces, and what better way to raise its beauty standards than to add these modern marvels! The reasons why these aluminium doors and windows would enhance your courtyard:

  • Sleek Frame Design and Wide Glass Expanses
  • Availability of Various Colour Combinations
  • Sturdy and Low-maintenance
  • Tested & certified windows to provide superior protection from all weather

Different Aluminium Doors You Can Choose for Your Courtyard?

We at Eternia understand the different uses of our aluminium doors and windows and have designed products that perfectly blend with your style. You can consider all the options that we offer. The most suitable options for your courtyard would be:

  1. Sliding aluminium doors

    Our doors are designed with a sleek, modern look. They have large glass panels framed by slim aluminium frames and slide smoothly along the track. This provides effortless operation and allows for wide openings, seamlessly connecting your courtyard to indoor spaces. This type comes under the Eternia Premium Essential range.

  2. Lift-and-slide doors

    Lift-and-slide doors have a different functionality than regular sliding aluminium doors. They come with specialised handles with crank & lift mechanisms for easy mobility. You can also lock the shutters at any position for added convenience and ventilation.
    Lift-and-slide doors and a unique gasket-based sealing mechanism enhance energy efficiency and weather resistance. They are often larger and suitable for expansive courtyard openings or panoramic views.

  3. Slim Line doors

    This variant comes with minimalistic frames, maximising the amount of glass and enhancing the feeling of openness and light in your courtyard. Our slimline doors can be flush from all four sides, so all you see is a sleek 20 mm interlock, which can be customised to your choice of colour and even with lights. They can go up to 4.5 meters in height, allowing users to enjoy extensive, expansive views without disruption.

  4. Slide-and-fold doors

    Our slide-and-fold doors have multiple panels that fold and stack neatly against one side when opened. These doors offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to partially or fully open up your courtyard space according to your needs and preferences. These doors can be flushed from the bottom and are famous for their aesthetic appeal and ability to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor areas, making them a favourite for entertaining or creating a unified living space.

How is Eternia Ensuring the Best Product Range?

Eternia manufactures aluminium doors and windows, keeping in mind all the needs of the consumers. Our engineers have invented the first-of-its-kind aluminium alloy, Duranium, which showcases exceptional strength with uncompromised qualities. Our products come in a wide range of colours that you can choose from. Also, we give a 12-year warranty on the frames.

Eternia stands out in the market because, unlike other competitors, it offers a whopping warranty, a WiWA certification, and customisation.

So, with us, take no more time and find the perfect aluminium door for your courtyard!

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