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Factors to consider for an open kitchen plan : useful insights by one of premium aluminium windows manufacturers

September 20, 2022

“The kitchen is the most important place in any house. Visit your family, and that’s where you’ll end up. Got to a party, that’s where everyone congregates.” – Michelle Dockery


Open plan kitchens are often the hub of a home – where one not only enjoys cooking and dining but also welcoming friends and colleagues to socialise. If you are planning for an open kitchen in your home, here are some ideas to help you nail the right look.

1. Creating a unified look throughout the space:

The key to nailing a unified look for the kitchen is how the individual design elements of the kitchen relate to the whole room. However, a unified design look does not mean the entire space must have the same design elements such as – the same colour, the same style, the same texture and  the same material. Rather, unity of design means combining unusual and dissimilar items are very popular today in an organised, balanced yet interesting way.

2. Lighting is important:

A well-lit kitchen brightens your day and night and also helps you work comfortably in the space. Natural light from windows should be the primary source of light in the daytime. When designing an open plan kitchen, consider installing large premium aluminium windows as they have slimmer frames and larger glass area, thus letting in maximum sunlight and outdoor views. In the daytime, natural light can provide most of the ambient lighting a kitchen needs. During the night, for ambient lighting you can install track lights, recessed lights, pendants or even chandeliers. Another important factor of kitchen lighting is task lighting which helps you work comfortably. For task lighting, pendants, track lights and recessed lights are ideal. For highlighting artwork in the space or crockery, install accent lighting such as sconces and in-cabinet lighting fixtures.

3. The right colour scheme is the key:

Some of the popular colour schemes include:

  • Monochromatic

  • Warm analogous

  • Cool analogous

  • Triad

  • Complementary

  • Neutral (achromatic)

Many homeowners prefer using a monochromatic colour scheme for an open kitchen as the colour scheme uses different shades, tints, or tones of a single colour. Sometimes, in order to break the monotony, interior designers may use white, black or grey.

open kitchen plan | Eternia

Complementary colour schemes are also quite popular with homeowners. In this scheme, colours directly opposite one another on the colour wheel are used. One colour is usually warm and the other is usually cool. When space is a constraint, a neutral colour scheme is ideal. In this colour scheme, primarily white and grey are used. However, homeowners are also increasingly using beige, taupe, and brown as neutrals. Sometimes an accent of a single vibrant colour is used with one or more of the neutrals to create a unique combination that catches one’s eyes.

If you are planning to install premium aluminium windows, explore Eternia windows. From white sliding windows to rustic bronze – we offer a wide range of colours to help you choose the right window frame colour that complements your home decor.

4. Attention must be paid to air quality and ventilation:

When the kitchen is integrated with the living room, it is important to install a ventilation system that can remove the steamy air laden with cooking odour and grease. When the right ventilation system is not installed in an open kitchen, the hot and moist air circulates throughout the kitchen and living area and collects on the closest cooler surface it can find. In a short time, you will notice a thick layer of grease and oil film on the doors of the cabinet, oil stains collected on the walls on fabrics and furniture. For a kitchen ventilation system to work effectively, it’s important that the right type of hood which is of right size is installed. An oversized kitchen ventilation system with too high a cubic feet per minute (cfm) rating is as problematic as an undersized one. In addition to the mechanical ventilation system for the kitchen, you must also use natural ventilation to ensure good indoor air quality. Keep your windows open when cooking to improve air flow and reduce the risk of indoor air pollution.

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