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FAQs and their answers on small living room decor by an aluminium windows manufacturer

November 3, 2022

There are plenty of ways you can revamp your small living room and make it look cosy and stylish rather than feel cramped. As one of the leading aluminium windows manufacturers, we have curated some of the FAQs and their answers on small living room decor 

Question 1: What is the best way to decorate a small living room?

Just because you have a small living room does not mean you have to compromise on style. Here are some tips to transform your small living room into a comfortable, stylish oasis: 

  • Use multi-purpose furniture pieces.  For instance, an upholstered ottoman can be used as a coffee table, footrest and even extra seating. 
  • Buy furniture with clean lines. In smaller living rooms, sleek furniture with a light colour scheme makes things feel more open. Avoid bulky sectional sofas  that make the room look cramped.
  • Use mirrors to bounce light. Hang a few wall-spanning mirrors to make the living room look large. 
  • Hang ceiling-high curtains as they add visual interest to the space and make it appear bigger. 
  • Use rugs to create separate zones in the living room. This trick can come handy when the dining space and the living room are one open space. 
  • Decorative moulding is one of the most effective ways to give your room a unique structural personality. For the sophisticated and elegant look, add mouldings to the ceiling and around the windows. 

Question 2: How do you arrange furniture in a small living room?

When it comes to small living room layouts, you have to juggle between seating and storage. It is a good idea to arrange furniture around a focal point, which could be a TV unit, fireplace, window or piece of wall decor. Position furniture around or directly facing the focal point. This will not only create a cosy conversation area, but will also give enough space to walk around and give a clear view of the room. 

Question 3: How can I make the most out of small living spaces?

To make the most out of small living spaces, ensure that the space receives abundant light. If you have installed large windows, use sheer curtains to let the light pour in throughout the entire room. If your windows are old and look faded, replace them with large and premium aluminium windows as they let in abundant natural light, thus creating a sense of spaciousness and airiness. 

If you are looking for aluminium windows for your small living room, check our sliding windows. With lower sightlines of 20mm, they give uninterrupted views of the outside world and let in natural light. Our  aluminium windows can be customised according to the colours and finishes of your choices so that they complement the interiors of your house. 

What makes our windows special? 

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