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Explore the Characteristics of Aluminium Windows and Doors Offered by Local Suppliers

June 27, 2024

In Indian households, little thought is given to choosing doors and windows for a house. The primary factor is whether these windows and doors look good with the home design. This is a very negligible but common approach. At Eternia, we understand this dynamic and ensure our consumers are well-informed about their purchases. Our well-designed products ensure optimum quality and protection from heavy windstorms, including cyclonic winds.

Eternia windows and doors are made with detailed precision to serve consumers fully. Our products are environmentally friendly. We are the first in the industry to receive the GreenPro label from IGBC. This blog will help readers learn more about our product range.

High-quality Aluminium Windows and Doors: Types and Variations

Our premium and luxury range has the best quality products suitable for houses, offices, or any kind of luxury set-up. All these products come in beautiful colours and finishes.

  • Eternia Premium

    Our aluminium sliding windows and doors from this range have a high WiWA score of 9/10. The custom-developed rollers and aluminium guide rails ensure that the frame glides smoothly with easy movement. These windows and doors are perfect for compact places. We also have tilt-and-turn windows , corner sliding windows and Sliding and openable windows in this range.

  • Eternia Luxury

    We exclusively offer doors that resonate with your inner designer in the Eternia Luxury range. Our shutters are designed to be both functional and customisable. The lift-and-slide door type features specialised handles with a crank and lift mechanism to make them easy to move. Additionally, they can be locked in any position for convenience and ventilation. Another variant in this range is the Luxury slide-and-fold doors that deliver 100% opening. You must also check out our slimline aluminium doors in this range, as they offers vast views and high customisable options.

Eternia Delivering the Best Quality: Distinctive Features

  • Duranium

    Duranium is our patented alloy. Our engineers designed this aluminium alloy exclusively for us. No other window brand uses this material. What makes it stand apart from the rest of the window materials is that it is 1.5 x stronger than the regular aluminium alloy thus offering excellent strength and durability while allowing for sleeker and larger windows. But the best part is that even though it is inherently strong and can support heavy glass and building structures, it is lightweight and beautiful.

  • EcoPro Label from IGBC

    Eternia by Hindalco is the Industries first player to receive IGBC green pro certificate.

  • WiWA Certification

    Eternia windows and doors across all product ranges are tested and certified as per global standards. WiWA-certified, WiWA stands for Wind, Water, and Air Protection. Our products protect against water penetration, heavy cyclonic winds, and warm/cold air. A cyclonic wind can exceed 150km/h; our windows and doors can withstand this!

Navigating the Fabricators: Local Suppliers

Knowing these sweeping features, you must wonder where to buy our aluminium windows and doors. The process is simple. You can explore our website or navigate the Eternia partners by searching “Eternia aluminium doors and windows near me” online. The list of our fabricators and retailers in your area would appear. This will help you make a better decision by directly visiting our partners and getting a first-hand experience of our world-class products!

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