The Growing Popularity of Aluminium Doors in Home Improvement

January 4, 2024
When it comes to home improvement or refurbishment, the door is not considered just an entryway; it’s a statement piece merging security with style. Once used majorly in industrial spaces, aluminium doors have undoubtedly become an essential part of residential landscapes as well. With time, it has become the preferred choice for homeowners seeking security without compromising on aesthetics.We at Eternia have everything for everyone. Moreover, in our country, the harsh weather conditions, diverse landscapes, and unique functional needs call for careful consideration while selecting the materials to use in the construction of the space.

Why Aluminium? Is the material long-lasting?

One of the top reasons why more and more people are inclined towards Aluminium is its exceptional longevity. Your one-time investment will be totally worth it when you join hands with Eternia. The material we use, i.e., Duranium, is a patented aluminium alloy that is entirely eternally recyclable. It is exclusively developed for us by Aditya Birla’s Hindalco, world’s largest Aluminium manufacturers.

Moreover, the inherent properties of Aluminium itself contribute significantly to its long-lasting nature. Despite being lightweight in nature, this type of material tends to exhibit incredible strength, rendering it robust against impacts and intrusions. Eternia’s Aluminium doors don’t succumb to wear and tear, retaining their functionality and aesthetics over extended periods.

Advantages of Aluminium doors in Home Improvement

  • Versatility in Design

    Eternia offers various kinds of designs to suit your preferences, and we are even open to endless customization for you. Aluminium is known for its strength, and it tends to facilitate the creation of diverse styles, from minimalist and contemporary to bold, catering to each and every kind of taste and complementing various architectural styles and aesthetics.

  • Low and cost-effective maintenance

    The low and cost-effective maintenance of Aluminium windows and doors is clearly a testament to their practicality. When you take a look at wood, it obviously requires periodic staining or steel susceptible to rust, while Aluminium doors demand minimal and basic upkeep. Their resistance to corrosion, warping, and fading ensures that they tend to retain their sleek appearance without the need for any extensive maintenance.

  • Duranium

    It is an Aluminium alloy exclusively developed by Aditya Birla’s Hindalco, the world’s largest Aluminium manufacturer. This material sets our doors, as well as windows, apart from the standard offerings. It is pertinent to mention here that when you choose this Aluminium Doors & Windows, you get superior and unmatched strength, sleeker and slim windows, stunning finish etc,.

  • Sustainable Material

    Not only is this material long-lasting and durable, but its sustainability is a standout feature. Aluminium, especially our Duranium, is eternally recyclable, which contributes significantly to reducing environmental impact and supports eco-conscious living. Therefore, when you choose Eternia, you promote a sustainable lifestyle, aligning with modern demands for environmentally friendly home solutions.

  • Secure and Safe

    These doors are resistant to corrosion and ensure at all times that the overall structural integrity remains intact over time, guaranteeing enduring protection for spaces. These can be customized with multi point, anti burglary locking systems and also can accommodate security glasses. This unique combination of solidness and security features offers homeowners peace of mind without compromising on style.


Our modern aluminium doors have emerged as a reliable fusion of security and style, revolutionizing home refurbishment trends. Their sleek design, resistance, and durability to various elements make them a much more attractive choice for individuals.

Get in touch with us and start your space refurbishment journey now with aluminium doors and windows!

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