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The Pinnacle of Quality: Hindalco Doors and Windows Edition

June 17, 2024

The fenestration industry, still in its infancy in India, holds immense growth potential. Many consumers may not be aware of its existence or scope. Fenestration means doors and windows, their design, construction, and placement. Given India’s vast landscape and different climatic zones, understanding the importance of the right doors and windows is a must. This is because windows are not just an aesthetic part of a home design but are the entry points to our indoor space.

Here at Eternia, we have a vision to bring world-firsts to the Indian fenestration market by providing the best quality products that suit the Indian climate. This blog will help you understand how our Hindalco doors and windows deliver our vision to your doorstep and beyond.

Exclusive Features: Paving the Way to Excellence

We, in India, are exposed to increasing noise and air pollution. We are also the fourth cyclone-prone country in the world. Our aluminium windows and doors should be made in a way that caters to the modern problems of consumers. The following features that Eternia provides ensure that all of these issues are addressed:

  • Duranium

    Duranium is our patented aluminium alloy specially designed for Indian weather conditions. Despite its slim nature, it is recyclable, highly sustainable and can withstand a heavy load. Duranium lets us make sleek, stylish, yet sturdy aluminium doors and windows for you.

  • Wind-load resilience

    Our doors and windows are solid and durable. They can withstand cyclonic winds exceeding the speed limit of 150km/h. Hindalco, the largest aluminium producer in the world, has taken responsibility for your protection through Eternia!

  • Water permeability

    Our aluminium windows have an in-built drainage system, so there are no water leaks. The 2-way drainage system protects your home from rainwater seeping in.

  • Air permeability

    Air permeability entails noise cancellation and reduction in energy loss. We adopt a unique gasket-sealing-based mechanism, which makes our Hindalco doors and windows resistant to water, noise and dust seepage.

We have made the selection process easy and convenient for you. Eternia is the first manufacturer to provide WiWA (Wind, Water, and Air) certification for all its products. Our products are scored on a scale of 10 so that you can choose a window system that best suits your location. For instance, if you live in a metropolitan area with high noise and air pollution, you must select a 10/10 air permeability score window.

Eternia: Where Excellence Buds

Eternia is a place where innovation is balanced with our products’ design, style, and aesthetics. Hindalco doors and windows , therefore, are always in style! We collaborate with architects interior designers, and discern professionals from the fenestration industry to stay up-to-date when it comes to design. You can choose the latest designs from our three collections: Eternia Essential , Eternia Premium, and Eternia Luxury. We have a vast selection of aluminium doors and windows in different colours and design configurations for every corner of your residential/commercial space.

Explore our design range on the website or visit our fabricators to enjoy the versatility of design and taste excellence like never before!

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The Pinnacle of Quality: Hindalco Doors and Windows Edition

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