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Optimizing Home Ventilation and Lighting Using Aluminum Sliding Windows

June 27, 2024

If we compare traditional house structures with modern ones, the prime difference can be seen in how they were built. Traditional homes emphasised symmetry and formality, with compartmentalised rooms designed for specific purposes. Incorporating classic proportions and decorative elements like mouldings, columns, and trims was prevalent. But when it comes to modern homes, people prefer functionality, simplicity, and open spaces, focusing on clean lines, open floor plans, and minimal embellishments.

Modern home designs seamlessly blend all the surrounding spaces with large windows and open areas that bring in natural light and views. They highlight the feature of flexible living spaces that adapt to various needs with multipurpose rooms and seamless flow. This transition from traditional to modern home designs, paired with aluminium sliding windows, has brought a new face to residential and commercial buildings in India. Aluminium sliding windows are a stylish and efficient solution for achieving both natural light and proper ventilation.

Optimising Ventilation With Our Aluminium Sliding Windows

At Eternia, our sliding window design comes in three different ranges: Eternia Essential, Eternia Premium and Eternia Luxury. Regardless of the range, all of our sliding windows operate seamlessly. This is because they come with custom-developed rollers and aluminium guide rails, which are long-lasting and enable smooth and easy movement. You can enhance your home’s comfort and well-being by optimising ventilation by:

  • Strategic Placement

    For maximum ventilation, carefully consider the placement of your aluminium sliding windows. Position the windows on opposite walls as it creates a cross-ventilation effect, allowing fresh air to flow through the room and push out stale air. This setup is especially effective in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

  • Stack Effect

    Utilise the stack effect, which involves warm air rising and cooler air entering from lower windows. You can install our windows at various heights to encourage this natural airflow. For example, place the windows higher up in warmer rooms and lower down in cooler rooms to improve air circulation.

  • Adjustable Openings

    The sliding window designs offer flexibility in how much you open them. On warmer days, slide them open fully to allow maximum airflow. On cooler days or when you need less ventilation, open them partially. This adaptability ensures you maintain optimal indoor air quality regardless of the weather.

Maximising Natural Light

Similar to optimising natural ventilation, you can also maximise natural light.

  • South-Facing Windows

    Install these windows on south-facing walls. This positioning captures the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day. South-facing windows receive direct sunlight during the winter, providing natural warmth and light, and indirect light during the summer reduces glare and heat.

  • Large Glass Panels

    To increase the amount of natural light entering your home, you must opt for aluminium sliding windows with large glass panels. The slim frames of aluminium windows support expansive glass areas, allowing unobstructed views and ample daylight.

  • Reflective Surfaces

    Use reflective surfaces inside your home to enhance the natural light effect. Mirrors, glossy finishes, and light-coloured walls can bounce light around the room, making spaces feel brighter and more spacious.

Eternia Sliding Windows: Combining Ventilation and Light

The best thing about our aluminium sliding windows is that these windows can be customised to your specifications. Our Eternia premium sliding doors and windows come with a WIWA score of 9 on 10, ensuring your peace of mind and protection from harsh winds, water seepage and dust pollution. Featuring sleek aerodynamic interlocks, this window can go up to 12 feet in height and 5 feet in width per shutter, and it can take weights up to 200 kg. Its unique curved design makes for a visual statement, providing easy grip while doubling up as a handle to protect your home during cyclones. You can choose from our wide range of elegant colour and style configurations. Also, you can customise it with a separate mosquito mesh or even an integrated pleated mosquito mesh.

Just not this, you can also combine our sliding and casement windows in a panel to balance light and ventilation. Fixed casement windows will provide continuous natural light, while sliding windows could be used to adjust the airflow. We also offer adding a mesh layer to keep the insects out.

Our products are intensively engineered with our patented aluminium alloy, Duranium. Duranium makes your windows significant, with sleeker profiles and higher strength. This ensures that we deliver durable, qualitative products that provide all-weather resistance. They also come with a WiWA certification. WiWA stands for wind, water, and air protection.

So, when it comes to Eternia Windows, you need not think twice about functionality. You can select a sliding window type from our Essential range or go for the Premium one and enjoy both air and light in your home!

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