How to select the best brand for Aluminium windows?

Owing to their durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal, aluminium windows are becoming quite popular in India. If you too have decided to upgrade your old windows with aluminium windows, it’s important to choose the best brand. Knowing the important selection criteria can help you zero in on the best aluminium windows brands in India.

Before we delve into the insights, let’s discuss a bit about WiWA© effect as you will come across this term multiple times in the article.

WiWA© stands for wind, water and air. Eternia windows are India’s first WiWA© tested and certified windows . The performance of the windows are tested on three important factors:

  • 1. Wind pressure: How well can the windows withstand strong winds? It is an important factor for people staying in cyclone and storm-prone areas or coastal areas
  • 2. Water pressure: How well can the windows keep out water? It is an important factor for those who live in cities receiving heavy rainfall.
  • 3. Air permeability: How well can the windows keep out loud noises, pollution and heat? It is an important factor for those looking for soundproof windows and better thermal insulation solutions.

Know your WiWA© score to choose the right window for your home.

Here are some useful tips to help you make an informed decision:
Tip 1: It makes sense to go for a trusted name

Aluminium windows are known to be durable, sustainable and easy to maintain. Eternia Windows by Aditya Birla Group, are made from Duranium™, a specially invented aluminium alloy by Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer. You know you have strong and durable aluminium windows when the alloy used in making the window frames is created by Hindalco - the company that creates parts for aerospace missions.

Tip 2: If you live in cyclone-prone areas, check if the brand offers cyclone-resistant windows

It is a known fact that aluminium windows are strong and durable. But can they withstand cyclonic winds? A cyclone’s speed can exceed 150 km/h, which can leave windows and homes completely destroyed. As different cities of India are experiencing more frequent cyclones , it makes sense to go for windows that give you the ultimate protection against cyclonic winds. Eternia windows are tested to protect your family and property from cyclonic winds. They have a yield strength of 225-235 MPa and ultimate tensile strength of 250-260 MPa. Also, the aerodynamic design of Eternia windows make them suitable for high-rise buildings and large-size windows.

Tip 3: Do they offer soundproof window solutions?

If you are looking for window solutions to block out the sounds of busy street traffic, noisy neighbours or boisterous kids playing on the streets, look for an aluminium window brand in India that offers soundproof window solutions.

As Eternia windows are WiWA© tested and certified, they can keep out extremely loud noises. They are designed to allow noise reduction up to 35dB; whereas with ordinary aluminium windows the noise levels can go as high as 70dB.

Tip 4: Good brands offer energy-efficient windows

When it comes to choosing the best brand for aluminium windows, energy efficiency plays an important role. Thanks to the airtight design of our windows with custom-developed accessories, they offer exceptional insulation. During the winters, you can reduce your heating bills as Eternia windows won’t let the warm air escape the way ordinary windows do. And in the summers, the AC-cooled air stays in the room, thus preventing the electricity bills from shooting up.

Tip 5: Do they offer rainproof aluminium windows?

Watching the raindrops falling on the window is just romantic. But what is off-putting is cleaning the floor when the water gets inside the room. Tested for leakage protection of up to 750 Pa, our windows can prevent water seepage even during the heaviest of rains in India.

Tip 6: Opt for a brand that has the best warranty and AMC

Cleaning your window tracks is the last thing that comes to mind when you are busy with work, home and life. Eternia windows are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Our industry-first Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) provides comprehensive maintenance and care for all Eternia range of windows. Also, Eternia windows come with a 12 years warranty on aluminium window frames and 2 years warranty on moving hardware parts.

Tip 7: Go for a company offering a customised window selection

Windows serve a number of functions for your home. While they help you manage ventilation, they also add aesthetic appeal to your home. It is for this reason that the best aluminium brands in India offer their customers a wide range of windows customised to that meet their specific needs. Eternia has a broad selection of sliding and openable windows available in sleek designs that can truly transform your living space.

So, whether you are looking for better safety and security, lower heating bills, or better aesthetic appeal, get in touch with our window experts. Want to know more about the aluminium windows’ prices? Book a free consultation.

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