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Check these insights by one of the leading aluminium window suppliers on how to design a balcony garden

June 23, 2022

The balcony is a great spot to hang out, relax and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comforts of your home. It is also a great place to have your own ‘mini garden’. With careful planning, you can design a balcony garden where you can sit, relax and grow your little bit of green. As one of the leading aluminium window suppliers, we share a few tips on designing a balcony garden. If you are planning to convert your balcony into a blooming garden, you might find these ideas inspiring:

  1. Choose the right plants:

    For your plants to survive and flourish, it is important that you buy the right plants. The first step is to know the different types of plants such as annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and trees. Then you need to consider the growing space. Some plants are low maintenance while some are high maintenance. Zero in on plants after considering how much time you can devote to them. Other factors that play an important role in helping you make a decision include:

    • Climate
    • Air circulation
    • Heat
    • Shade

    Another important factor to consider before selecting plants for your balcony garden is the purpose of the plants. Do you want them to screen an ugly view or do you want the plants to add privacy to your balcony? Or do you want plants for aesthetic appeal or do you want some edible plants, like herbs, fruit and vegetables? Consider these aspects before going on shopping for plants.

  2. Consider the space:

    It’s important to note that balcony garden design isn’t solely about the plants. Successful garden design is all about how you utilise the space in the garden.

    • Large balcony: If you have a large balcony, you can plant large foliage plants, creating your own urban jungle. Add a sofa and a table, giving it a look of an extended part of your living room.
    • Small balcony: If you have a small balcony, get started with a vertical garden. Use vertical space by adding a few hooks for hanging plants or by using railings for holding planters. This way floor space can be used for outdoor furniture.
  3. Know your limitations:

    It is tempting to cram all of your favourite flowers and plants on your balcony. However, the best garden designs are carefully controlled. Before designing your balcony garden, check the building rules. You don’t want to overburden the foundations of your balcony space. Also, find out about rules regarding the weight of planters you can hang on balcony railings and walls.

  4. Add a splash of colour:

    As homeowners are increasingly transporting the living room to the balcony, the demand for outdoor furniture that is practical and colourful has risen. When choosing furniture, go for bright coloured furniture items – they add a cheerful vibe to a small balcony garden. Yellow, blue and pink are some of the preferred colours when it comes to outdoor furniture. Traditionally, furniture items were limited to teak and coated cast iron. But, in recent years, modern materials such as stainless steel and aluminium are becoming popular.

  5. Do not ignore the practical aspect:

    How do you plan to water the plants? Very few balconies have access to an outdoor water source. Buy a lightweight watering can that you can use to water plants without having to make a lot of trips to the kitchen or the bathroom. Put saucers or trays under the planters so that your balcony stays clean.

  6. Install aluminium section windows:

    Install high-quality sliding aluminium windows to enjoy the expansive views without having to worry about dust and outdoor noise. Check out Eternia windows, by Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group. Made with Duranium™, an aluminium alloy invented by Hindalco, their aluminium windows are designed to help you connect the outdoors with the indoors. These windows are WiWA certified and tested windows – this means that they are tested for factors such as strong winds, water leakage, dust and noise pollution. To know about the aluminium section window price, book a free consultation.

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