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Looking for soundproof windows to improve your meditation – Check these tips for successful meditation

June 23, 2022

Installing soundproof windows and other useful tips to help you meditate better

Meditation is a great way to escape the daily stresses of life. Meditation is a wonderful practice with life-changing potential; even a 5-minute meditation session can be relaxing and offer a myriad of health benefits. There is a growing number of studies which have found that meditation can help a person:

  • Develop a new perspective towards the world
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Reduce negative emotions
  • Increase patience and tolerance
  • Enhance creativity
  • Cope with stress and anxiety

Though meditation looks simple, it can be quite overwhelming to meditate when the mind is constantly focussed on things around you – be it outdoor noises or mundane worries. As one of the leading noise reduction windows manufacturers, we share a few useful tips for successful meditation sessions:

Tip 1: Find a quiet place:

When setting up a meditation space, avoid the heavily trafficked areas in your house. Select quiet spaces such as a corner near your library or even your bedroom for meditation. Before making it your permanent meditation spot make sure that it is

  • uncluttered and clean
  • close to nature and gets a fresh supply of air
  • not too dark and not too bright
  • away from your workspace

If you live in the city, look for solutions such as soundproof windows to block out usual background noises such as traffic noises, noisy neighbours, or kids playing at the nearby park.

Looking for soundproof windows for your meditation space? Want to know soundproof windows’ price?

While you are trying to focus on your breath, the last thing you want is disturbing noise from the traffic or the loud chatter from your neighbour’s house to break your focus. One of the ways to meditate quietly is by installing good-quality noise reduction windows. Made of Duranium®, our windows are tested to reduce outdoor noise by 35dB. To know the aluminium window price per sq ft, book a free consultation with our window experts.

Tip 2: Start early:

The best time to practise meditation is early in the morning – that is an hour after you wake up. Experts suggest that meditation should be the first thing you should be doing before starting your day as it’s the time of the day when your mind and body are refreshed by deep sleep. Also, it’s the time when your mind is fresh and away from mundane worries and concerns. As a result, you will find it easier to focus and stay present. Also, meditating in the mornings will help you start the day with a fresh and stable positive mindset. And with a positive attitude, you will notice positivity in your personal and personal life.

Tip 3: Be consistent with the time and place:

Make meditation a regular part of your daily schedule. Try to practise it at the same time and at the same place – as consistency will help you establish a routine.

Tip 4: Start with quick sessions:

If you are a beginner, start with short meditation sessions. Do not force yourself to sit for too long.. It is the quality of meditation that matters and not the quantity. You can have multiple 5-minute meditation sessions spread over the day.

Tip 5: Set a daily reminder:

It will help you mentally prepare for the session daily. Also, it will help you be on time for your session.

Tip 6: Accept initial discomfort:

People who are new to meditation often feel mixed emotions full of anxiety and restlessness during the initial stages of meditation sessions. If you too are feeling anxious, it’s OK. Don’t worry if you can’t practise for longer periods of time. Even 5-minutes sessions are OK. when trying to focus on the breaths, you can even chant mantras as repetition of mantras can promote focus.

Tip 7: Listen to calming music:

You can also add music to your meditation sessions. Slow and calm meditation music can help you gather your thoughts and offer a lasting sense of calm and clarity.

Tip 8: Use meditation apps:

Apps offering guided meditation sessions can help you stay focused and become more mindful. Experts provide guided instruction to show you exactly what to do during the sessions. There are many 2-minute or 3-minute meditation sessions that you can perform even in between your work.


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