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Latest trends in sliding doors for homes in India

February 21, 2024

Aluminium sliding doors and windows exemplify the harmonious fusion of modern design and functional ingenuity within architectural features. Distinguished by frames fashioned from lightweight yet robust aluminium, these doors have emerged as an iconic feature in contemporary living spaces.

Their popularity has surged due to the impeccable combination of streamlined aesthetics, durability, and adaptable functionality, making aluminium sliding doors a sought-after choice for residential and commercial environments.

What are sliding doors and windows?

Sliding doors and windows constitute openings within a building’s structure crafted for effortless and smooth horizontal movement. In these systems, panels or sashes glide horizontally along tracks, enabling easy operation without a swinging motion.

This design is particularly favoured for its space-saving attributes and contemporary aesthetics. Sliding doors and windows frequently showcase expansive glass panels, optimising natural light and establishing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

What are the different types of trendy sliding doors in India?

The following are some prevalent types of sliding doors available:

  1. Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Crafted with aluminium frames and horizontally sliding panels, these doors boast a sleek and contemporary appearance. Lightweight, durable, low maintenance, and offer customisation options for colour and finish.

  2. Glass Sliding Doors

    Primarily composed of glass panels that slide horizontally, these doors maximise natural light and create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Enhance natural light, create an open feel, and contribute to a modern design.

  3. Folding/Stacking Sliding Doors

    These doors are ideal for creating expansive openings comprising multiple panels that fold or stack when opened, suited for large openings, offering flexibility in space utilisation.

When contemplating sliding doors in India, careful consideration of factors like climate, security requirements, design preferences, and maintenance needs ensures the selection of the most suitable type for your home or commercial space.

What are the latest trends in sliding doors for homes in India?

The current trends in sliding doors for residences in India encompass a fusion of practicality, aesthetics, and inventive design. Here are some noteworthy trends, including those associated with aluminium sliding doors:

  • Large Glass Panes

    There is a rising demand for sliding doors featuring expansive glass panels. This trend aims to maximise natural light, offer unobstructed views, and facilitate a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The trend leans toward aluminium sliding doors and windows designed with improved energy efficiency. These doors contribute to maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing overall energy costs.

  • Bold Colours and Finishes

    Homeowners are gravitating towards vibrant and bold colours for sliding door frames. You can choose from various powder-coating colours to complement your home’s décor.

  • Customisation for Personalised Designs

    The trend is towards customised aluminium sliding doors, allowing homeowners to choose specific colours, finishes, and configurations. This caters to individual design preferences and architectural styles. Eternia can custom-make sliding doors to fit any opening size.

  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Materials

    Duranium® is an environmentally conscious choice as it is endlessly recyclable, significantly reducing the environmental impact of door production while conserving valuable resources. Eternia’s sliding doors go beyond their inherent durability and sleek design by incorporating an energy-efficient design, actively assisting in lowering energy consumption and minimising one’s carbon footprint.

  • Frameless Sliding Doors

    Frameless sliding doors, often utilising advanced glass technology, are becoming popular for their seamless and uninterrupted views. This design imparts a modern and sophisticated touch to homes.

By embracing these trends, homeowners can enhance their living spaces’ aesthetic appeal, functionality, and energy efficiency by installing sliding doors, with a particular emphasis on the contemporary attributes of aluminium sliding doors.

Which is the best company to get sliding doors installed?

Eternia is a premier supplier of top-notch aluminium sliding doors in India, presenting distinct advantages compared to other brands. With their exclusive Duranium® technology, seamless and noiseless operation, energy-efficient features, customisable options, and a steadfast dedication to service and sustainability, Eternia is an excellent option for homeowners seeking the utmost value.


Aluminium sliding doors symbolise the perfect union of style and utility, serving as a portal to contemporary living that effortlessly blends visual appeal with functionality. As we delve into these doors’ various applications and benefits, their significance in influencing modern architecture becomes more apparent.

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