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New Year Resolutions: Home Decor Goals to Keep For 2024

January 19, 2022

With a brand new year well and truly upon us, it is time to breathe a new life into your home. Whether you are planning to update the doors and windows or fill your space with new plants, there is no better time than new year to set home decor goals. To help you set the right goals, we share with you some inspiring ideas that will give your house a creative touch and new vibe:

Inspiring Ideas for Home Decor

  1. Change the windows of the house: Though they often go unnoticed, windows and doors are an important part of your home decor. Take a good look at your doors and windows, if you notice following problems, it is time to replace them:
    • Worn out or broken frames
    • Gaps between window frames and walls
    • They shatter or vibrate during the storm
    • The locks are broken

    If you notice any of these problems, it is time to replace your old windows with high-quality aluminium windows. But why buy aluminium windows? When it comes to durability, aluminium windows win hands-down as they have yield and ultimate high tensile strength. To know more about the benefits of installing high-quality aluminium windows, check this useful read.

    Note: If you live in a city that receives heavy rainfall or experiences extreme weather conditions, install weatherproof windows. Made from Duranium™, Eternia windows not just increase the curb appeal of your house but also protect your house from adverse weather. The WiWA© certified windows offer superior protection from strong winds and water leakage during heavy rainfall.

    • Despite sightlines as low as 20mm, Eternia windows can withstand strong winds, even up to cyclonic range.
    • The unique air-tight design ensures that there is no gap between the window panes and the glass. Our windows are tested for leakage protection of up to 750 pa, enough to prevent water seepage even during the heaviest of rains in India.
  2. Declutter your house: Before you start on your bookmarked decor ideas, it is important to give your house a thorough cleaning. Clutter can be a visual nuisance that can be distracting. Start small and write down the areas that need decluttering and start with the easiest ones. While decluttering, keep organising things that you are holding onto. Give everything a proper place in your home.
  3. Give your house a personal touch: Home is where the heart is. It should reflect who you are. This new year instead of decorating your home with generic art and objects, inject some personality into it. A family photo gallery is a great way to fill your home with memories that are close to your heart. When you are choosing photo frames, make sure they add a cohesive look to the decor. You can also try decorating your home with mementoes that you picked while travelling.
  4. Embrace sustainability: This new year, take a resolution to make eco-friendly choices and home decor should be no exception to it. While choosing furniture and furnishing items, choose eco-friendly and sustainable options such as reclaimed wood furniture, jute rugs or bamboo bamboo planters can help you give your home an earthy and rustic vibe.

Note: Duranium™ is an eternally recyclable aluminium alloy invented by Hindalco for Eternia windows and doors. When you are replacing your old windows with Eternia windows, you are making a sustainable decor choice for your home.

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