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What is the purpose of window glazing?

June 23, 2022

If you are planning to install new aluminium windows, you are likely to come across the word ‘glazing’. You must be wondering what window glazing is and what purpose it serves. As one of the leading aluminium windows manufacturers, here we share with you a few useful insights on window glazing:

What is window glazing?

Glazing is the glass-encased within the window frames. The act of replacing the glass is known as “reglazing.”

How window glazing affects the performance of the window?

Glazing is an important factor to consider carefully as it can have a direct impact on the performance of the window in reducing outdoor noise, preventing dust from entering your house and keeping out draughts. Earlier, windows were single glazed. However, for better noise and air insulation, homeowners prefer double or triple glazed windows.

  • Single glazed windows: Traditional windows often have single glazed windows. This means there is a single pane of glass that separates your living space from the outside world.
  • Double glazed windows: Double glazed windows have two glass panes that are filled with an insulating, inert gas. They offer better air and sound insulation than single glazed windows.
  • Triple glazed windows: A triple glazed glass contains three layers of glass between the frames. The three glass panes either have air or gas in between panes, which helps to keep windows stable and offers better air and sound insulation.

Purpose of window glazing:

  • Insulation: Glazing provides better air insulation. It can reduce the amount of heat transfer from the house to the outside and vice versa. When windows are properly installed and the fitting is airtight, it prevents draughts that cause air to escape through the glass. During the summer months, double glazed and triple glazed windows keep the extreme heat outside while preventing cool air from the AC ( air conditioner) from escaping. During winter they prevent cold air from coming and hot air from leaving the room.
  • Noise reduction: When it comes to outdoor noise, the windows are the weakest points. Whether it’s cars driving down the road, dogs barking, or people walking past the window, windows let in all types of outdoor noises. By installing high-performance glass such as double glazed and triple glazed, outdoor noises can be reduced.
  • Security and safety: As double glazed and triple glazed glasses have layers of still air in-between glass panes, they are more difficult to break than standard glass.

Planning to install aluminium windows? Explore Eternia windows

Eternia windows are known for their high yield strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Compatible with high-performance glasses such as double glazed pane and triple glazed pane, our WiWA© certified and tested windows offer better air and sound insulation. The airtight design of our windows keeps the dust outside and reduces outdoor noise by up to 35dB. Along with high performance, our windows come with special fittings such as a multi-point lock and anti-lift plug that ensure the safety of your house. The airtight design of our windows and the high-performance glass panes make it almost impossible to remove the glass from the outside. To know the aluminium windows’ prices, book a free consultation.

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