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Things you need to know about aluminium windows

January 19, 2022

A house is incomplete without windows. They let natural light into your home, enhancing your room’s appearance. If you live in a house with a dramatic natural setting, properly installed large windows can seamlessly blend the indoors and the outdoors, letting you enjoy dramatic views without any obstructions.

When it comes to buying the right type of window for your home, there are many factors to consider. From choosing the appropriate material for the frames to the type of glass, there are many decisions to be made at the time of buying windows. As far as design, style and finish are concerned, the choices may vary from one person to another. However, the right type of window should:

  • Be strong and durable
  • Be easy to maintain
  • Look stylish
  • Let in a good amount of natural light
  • Have security locks
  • Have laminated safety glass
  • Come with warranty

Here we will help you understand how high-quality aluminium windows tick all the boxes.

  1. Frame material:

    Choosing the right window frame material not just affects the aesthetics but also durability. Aluminium windows offer many advantages. Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means aluminium windows can withstand adverse weather conditions without bending or cracking. When choosing a frame material, keep in mind the following things:

    • Dent resistance: Eternia windows are made from Duranium™, a specially invented aluminium alloy by Hindalco. Our windows have a yield strength of 225-235 MPa and Ultimate Tensile Strength of 250-260 MPa. They are tested to even withstand cyclonic winds. The use of Duranium™ and the aerodynamic design makes our windows suitable for high rises and large-size windows. UPVC windows, on the other hand, have a low Yield Strength of 38-55 MPa and Ultimate Tensile Strength of 45-55 MPa.
    • Water leakage: If you live in a city that receives heavy rainfall, wooden windows are definitely not the right choice for you. When exposed to moisture, wooden windows swell, warp and can even crack. Eventually, they need to be replaced. High-quality aluminium windows are more resistant to the outside elements including water as a result they do not corrode or swell. They also prevent water seepage during heavy rainfall. Eternia windows are tested to provide leakage protection of upto 750 pa. This means even during the heaviest of rains, our windows will keep the water out.
    • Maintenance: Aluminium is a non-corrosive metal which means it does not rust when exposed to high moisture content. It makes aluminium window frames very easy to maintain as they will not rust.
  2. Glass panes:

    Ordinary glass can be broken, compromising the safety and security of the house. High-quality aluminium window frames are compatible with high- performance glass that are much stronger than ordinary glass. Eternia windows come with

    • Double glazing: This type of window glass is made from two glass window panes, which are separated by an air-filled or gas-filled cavity. Double-glazed glass is treated and toughened and thus difficult to break.
    • Laminated glass: A type of safety glazing, laminated window glass is constructed by uniting two piles of glasses together with interlayers to form an inseparable bond, making the glass difficult to break.
  3. Sound insulation:

    When it comes to sound insulation, windows are the weakest point in a property. Poorly- installed windows have gaps between the frame and the wall, which allow noise leakage even when they are closed. High-quality aluminium windows such as Eternia windows have a unique air-tight design that leaves no gaps between the glass panes and frames. The air-tight design and the high performance glass panes work together to achieve upto 35 dB of noise reduction.

  4. Window styles:

    Beautifully-designed windows enhance the value of a home. u With 20mm sightlines, our windows give you more glass and less frame —- giving you an expansive view of the outside. Not just that, you can customise Eternia windows by selecting colours, finishes, handles and other accessories of your choice. Thanks to anodising, PVDF coating and powder coating, you can get the desired look — even a wooden finish look is possible.

  5. Security fittings:

    Windows are often weak security points in a house. It is advisable to install windows that come with special locking systems. Our windows have special fittings such as anti-lift plugs, safety glass and multi-point locks that offer enhanced security. The safety glass used in our windows is difficult to break or remove from the outside.

  6. Safety:

    When it comes to fire safety, wooden windows are highly susceptible to fire. Eternia windows are non-combustible and fire retardant. They melt at 660°C, much higher than most materials. Our windows are also non-toxic. Aluminium is so safe that it is found in utensils and for foil paper and pharmaceutical packaging.

  7. Warranty:

    Eternia windows come with an industry-first warranty of 12 years on profile and 2 years on moving hardware. Not just that, our Eternia Care Plan provides comprehensive care for your windows. Your windows will be thoroughly cleaned and polished, minor scratches will be removed and all the parts will be checked as part of the annual maintenance contract.

Want to know more about our sliding and openable aluminium windows, call our window experts at +91 97699 40000.

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