Benefits of Aluminum Windows and Doors

Transforming Commercial Spaces: Benefits of Aluminum Windows and Doors

December 11, 2023

In the current fast-paced world, the design and functionality of commercial spaces play an essential role in making a lasting and effective impression. One of the prime elements that can easily transform these spaces is the choice of windows and aluminium doors. 

At Eternia, we understand the whole importance of creating commercial spaces that are highly efficient as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing as well. Today, we’ll explore the numerous advantages of Eternia windows and doors and how we can help you take your commercial spaces to the next level. 

What are aluminium windows and door?

Aluminum windows and doors are basically architectural elements which are constructed primarily from aluminum, a lightweight, durable and reliable material. They are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings due to their numerous benefits. 

When it comes to windows, these are window frames made from aluminum extrusions and tend to offer exceptional strength and durability, are resistant to rust, and maintenance is relatively worth spending the bucks. 

However, similarly, the doors are made from aluminum frames and panels. They are known for their longevity and resistance to weather elements, making them ideal for exterior applications. From sliding, folding and hinged, these cater to diverse aesthetic and functional preferences. 

The Advantages of Aluminium Doors and Windows in Commercial Buildings

  1. Durable 

This is a widely known fact that commercial spaces experience heavy traffic at all times. Our products are durable enough to last, thanks to Duranium™, an eternally recyclable aluminium alloy. This has been specially invented for us by Aditya Birla’s Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer. Therefore, you can be confident that your investment will stand the test of time with us. 

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

First impressions always matter! The overall look, feel, and appearance of your commercial space sets the tone for your visitors and customers. We offer a wide range of customizable design options for commercial and even house aluminium windows and doors, enabling potential customers to create a space that reflects their brand.  

The material we use, i.e. the Duranium, offers an unmatched sleeker profile, and a stunning finish that makes the visitors turn their head. 

  1. Security/Safety

This factor is of the utmost importance for commercial spaces, and we offer an added layer of protection. Our Multi point locking system in our products combined with the anti theft system, imposes that when you trust in us, we ensure that we give you everything you desire for. 

  1. Noise Reduction

Commercial spaces often deal with noise, which is a significant distraction. Our windows are WiWA© certified which means they are tested to provide low air permeability; with sealing mechanisms like gaskets and wool pile. We offer customization with noise insulation to minimize external disturbances that might affect your productivity. 

  1. Low maintenance 

Running a commercial space is demanding for obvious reasons, and the last thing you want to stress about is constant maintenance. However, our aluminium windows and doors require minimal upkeep and maintenance. The resistance quality simply means you won’t have to repaint or replace them frequently.

  1. Worth every penny you spent

Aluminum doors and windows are fully customisable and hence you can choose from our quality of glass, size of window, finish and range of colors to choose from. Keep in mind the price of the window will depend on the customisation you seek from us, but we keep the most prioritized thing always in our mind i.e delivering quality. 

Why Eternia? – 

As mentioned above, for us World-class engineers from Aditya Birla’s Hindalco have specially invented Duranium™. It is an eternally recyclable aluminium alloy that offers superior strength and a stunning finish. Moreover, our WiWA© certified windows are constructed in factories using only the best materials, and we deliver on what we promise.

We believe that we are the only players in the country which has an integrated value chain i.e. from the raw material to the final end product, we build everything from scratch to the sky. With all the quality checks in place, our final product is delivered with 12 years of warranty to the potential customers. 


If you are looking for aluminium doors and windows, then you are on the right website. We offer products as per your needs by choosing only the best-in-class materials and customising each product to suit your needs.

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