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Difference Between Abrasive And Non-Abrasive Window Cleaners

June 23, 2022

Your dirty and dusty windows could ruin the view of the outside. Not just that, dirty windows can limit the amount of sunlight that fills your home. Establishing a weekly or monthly window cleaning schedule can help to keep your windows sparkling clean inside and out. But which window cleaner should you use? You must have heard or read that non-abrasive window cleaners are ideal for cleaning windows. But what are they? As one of the leading aluminium windows manufacturers, we share the difference between abrasive and non-abrasive window cleaners and other useful insights:


  1. What is the purpose of abrasive and non-abrasive cleaners

    Cleaners come in many forms and the choice depends on the end use. An abrasive cleaner is formulated to remove heavy-duty dirt in small areas. They can be in the form of a powder or a liquid. As the formulation is strong, you don’t have to put in too much effort to remove the dirt. Like abrasive cleaners, non-abrasive cleaners are also available in the form of powder or liquid. Non-abrasive cleaners can also have disinfecting properties.

  2. What do they contain?

    Abrasive cleaners contain minerals such as Silica, Quartz, and Calcite. The cleaning and polishing action of abrasive cleansers depends on these common minerals. Unlike abrasive cleaners, non-abrasive cleaners do not contain minerals. Non-abrasive cleaners contain surfactants and solvents.

  3. When to use abrasive or non-abrasive cleaners?

    • Abrasive cleaners: If there’s stubborn oil, grease or rust on the window, abrasive powered cleaners may be the most effective solution. Also, an abrasive cleaner with bleaching agents will be ideal for mould removal from the window. If you want to remove rust, use a cleaner which includes oxalic acid or sodium hydrosulphite in the ingredients’ list.
    • Non-abrasive cleaners: For daily cleaning of dust and dirt, non-abrasive cleaners are ideal. Read the instructions on the label for more appropriate use.

    Note: Always read the window manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before using any window cleaning agent.

  4. How often should you clean your windows?

    That depends on how dirty the windows are. A weekly cleaning routine with non-abrasive cleaners can help get rid of dirt and handprints. Deep cleaning can be scheduled once every two to three months to remove dirt from window tracks and restore the shine of the frames. You may need to clean more frequently to keep your windows looking clear if you live in a dust-prone area.


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