Designing interiors for health and well-being : useful insights by one of the leading aluminium windows manufacturers

September 20, 2022

Our living spaces –  from the way they are planned and constructed to how they are decorated and organised – can greatly influence our physical health and emotional state of mind. Today, more and more architects, builders, interior designers and remodelling professionals are realising the importance of creating happier and healthier places to live in. As a  result, we are seeing wellness-focused interior design and decor themes finding their place in residential spaces. From using low-VOC building and household materials to installing large aluminium windows that let in natural light and views of trees and flowers outside, we share with you a few useful insights on the rising popularity of wellness design:

  1. Less is more:

There are many articles on the benefits of decluttering and there is a very popular book and a TV series by Marie Kondo on the joys of decluttering and organising. Most of them talk about the emotional benefits of decluttering and minimalism. However, very few give us an insight into how decluttering affects our physical well-being. Let us take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Overly cluttered spaces are unsafe for seniors and people suffering from mobility issues. With things piled up on the floor and multiple furniture pieces blocking the traffic flow of the room – it can be difficult for seniors or injured residents to move around the house comfortably and safely.

  • Sometimes, carpets, heavy curtains and upholstered furniture can allow dust mites to thrive.

  • Too many decorative items can create unnecessary visual stimuli which can negatively affect children suffering from autism and seniors coping with dementia.

Decluttering is a simple process – it is eliminating things in your house that you do not need. It is neither reorganising nor hiding unused items in a new place. Once you have decided to throw something away or donate it, stick by your decision and do not regret it. Doubting your decluttering decisions can lead you right back to where you started. Have a place for everything and keep everything in place. For instance, in the living room, keep a separate place for remote controls, newspapers and magazines. In the bedroom, keep your bed linens in a drawer. If you do not have a place for keeping notebooks, work supplies and journals, keep an ottoman in the room to store these items.

  1. Bring more sunlight into your home:

Sunlight is a natural and cheery way to brighten your home and add emotional wellness to the space. Strategically place furniture pieces and other items so that your room gets abundant sunlight. Paint the wall colours in light or pastel shades as these colours reflect more light, making the room appear bright and airy. If you are planning to renovate your home any time soon, talk with your interior designer about maximising access to natural light. That might mean installing  more or bigger windows or installing a wall of glass doors that slide all the way open.

If you are looking for windows that are sleek and yet strong, check Eternia windows. Made from Duranium™, an aluminium alloy invented by Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer, Eternia windows have sleek frames with sightlines as low as 20mm. This means more glass and less frame, so that you can enjoy expansive views of the outside while letting in more sunlight. Lower sightlines do not mean that you are compromising on sturdiness and strength. Our windows are WiWA© certified and tested.  To know more about the aluminium sliding windows price per square feet or other product details, call us at +91 97699 40000.

  1. Bring nature inside:

Visual patterns that are found in nature can be added to our homes in all sorts of ways, from graphic wallpapers and nature-inspired lampshades to rugs that have floral patterns or visual elements inspired from water, grass or even sand. Also, add plants to create a welcoming environment inside the house. From placing small potted plants on the balcony to growing plants vertically and creating a green wall – there are plenty of ways to celebrate nature with houseplants. In addition to plants, natural inspiration can be found in decorative details that remind you of something that is found in nature. For instance, a butterfly sculpture or a wall art that portrays the rushing waves of an ocean can help you feel closer to nature.

  1. Decorate with personalised details:

Whether it is a family photo gallery, souvenirs from your vacations, or a shelf with all of your medals and certificates – surround your living environment with things that make you happy and that are in sync with your passions in life. Place a piece in every room – it will help you remember the good times, motivate you when you are feeling low or bring a  smile to your face when you return home tired from the office.

  1. Look for building and decor items that reduce your risk of indoor air pollution:

There are a myriad of ways to reduce your exposure to indoor toxins and thus improve the air quality in your home. When selecting paints, choose the ones that have low VOC content, as these are better products when it comes to indoor air quality. Also, many modern-day furniture and upholstery have VOC-containing finishes. For upholstery, choose natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and organic wool. For bedding, choose materials such as cotton, linen, hemp, wool, or bamboo. Also, vacuum products regularly to remove the VOCs. Try improving the ventilation in your house to help remove the toxins.

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