Which Aluminium Window Are Best

Which Aluminium Window Types Are Best for You?

January 4, 2024
As we think of the ideal fixtures for our homes and workspaces, windows often stand out as not just functional elements but also aesthetic and design statements in current times. When it comes to choosing the right aluminium window for your space, it’s crucial to consider not only functionality but also the character they bring to each and every space.At Eternia Windows, we understand the importance of such choices, hence, we offer a diverse range of aluminium windows tailored for every kind of room. Every individual carries a different taste, and we ensure that we tend to match your preferences every single time.

  • Sliding Windows: Embracing Convenience and Space

    The perfect blend of functionality and elegance is sliding windows. This is simply because their seamless, horizontal sliding mechanism not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also maximizes utilization of the entire space. Moreover, it offers minimum obstruction in views thanks to vast glass panels and sleek interlocks, and the operation is quite effortless. Therefore, if you are looking for windows that offer vivid views and are easy to maintain as well as operate, these types of windows are a great choice and go really well with modern and minimalist interiors.

  • Casement Windows/Openable Windows: Charming

    If you are looking for a timeless choice that adds a touch of class and elegance to your space, then you should opt for our casement windows. This is simply because their hinged design allows for easy operation and superb ventilation. They swing outwards/inwards just like a door, creating a very tight seal when closed, ensuring energy efficiency and security. These are the perfect choice for individuals seeking a traditional yet functional window style.

  • Tilt and Turn Windows: Redefining Versatility

    Offering a unique dual-action opening system, these windows provide state-of-the-art versatility. They can swing inward like a casement window or tilt inward from the top for secure and safe ventilation. This kind of functionality makes this type of aluminium window a remarkable choice for those prioritizing both flexibility as well as safety.

Why Eternia?

Eternia Windows are made up of a special aluminium alloy known as Duranium, which is eternally recyclable. It is exclusively developed for us by Aditya Birla’s Hindalco, one of the world’s leading aluminum manufacturers.

Moreover, all our windows are WiWA tested and certified, where they undergo rigorous testing as per global standards for three critical factors: Wind, Water, and Air Resistance.

Lastly, when you purchase an aluminium windows in india from us, you are in safe hands. We offer a 12-year warranty on the profile and a 2-year hardware warranty.


When planning to consider the perfect aluminum windows for your space, don’t forget to consider the unique characteristics of each space and how windows complement their overall essence.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your space with our exquisite aluminum windows. Get in touch with us today to explore our range and discover how our windows can transform your living experience.

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