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Why are aluminium windows in India so popular?

January 19, 2022

“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” —- Walt Whitman

Whether it’s the morning glory or raindrops on the window – the seamless blend of indoors and outdoors is a soul-satisfying experience. Homeowners in India are increasingly looking for window solutions that let them enjoy the best views sitting indoors. And it’s one of the reasons why aluminium windows are growing in popularity.

Noise Proof Aluminium Windows for Bedroom - Eternia by Aditya Birla Group

With their stunning looks, slimmer designs, inherent strength and super thermal efficiency, aluminium sliding windows allow the homeowners to enjoy the world outside with peace of mind.

Growing popularity of aluminium windows in India – some of the reasons

Reason 1: Strong yet lightweight:

Aluminium offers a unique combination of stability and robustness with a lightweight structure. It’s extremely strong yet is about one-third of the weight of steel. This is why Aluminium is used in Aerospace. Because of this feature, aluminium windows and doors can be manufactured in slimmer designs. But what benefits do slimmer designs offer to Indian homeowners? Firstly, they offer much larger and uninterrupted glass areas which mean a better view of the outdoors and more natural light into the home. Also, slimmer window frames are forever in trend and they complement home decors of all kinds. Not just that, they are light and easy to move without much effort.

Note: Frame strength is a very important factor when buying new windows. Aluminium frames don’t corrode, warp and bend in different weather conditions, making them value for money. Eternia windows is India’s first WiWA© tested and certified windows made with a specially invented Duranium™ alloy which lends the window frame its strong yet slim appearance.

Reason 2: Less maintenance:

Unlike wooden windows, aluminium windows require minimal maintenance. For instance, wooden windows need to be polished regularly so that they retain their look. Also, wooden window frames are vulnerable to mold and mildew growth and termite infestation. And getting rid of the mold and mildew from time to time takes quite a lot of time and effort. Also, when not controlled properly, mold and mildew can eventually cause the wood to deteriorate and you will have to get the wooden window replaced. Aluminium windows, on the other hand, last for decades. They don’t corrode or rust. All they need is just a little wipe now and then – and they shine looking brand new.

Note: When you are buying aluminium windows, ask about the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). For all Eternia range of windows, we provide our customers with an industry-first AMC for absolute peace of mind.

Sliding Aluminium Windows for Balcony - Eternia by Aditya Birla Group

Reason 3: Safe for you and the environment

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, thus making it a preferred window frame material for homeowners looking for sustainable solutions. It is also non-combustible which means in case of an accidental fire, the aluminium windows will not catch fire easily. Also, when it comes to aluminium, you don’t have to worry about contamination. Aluminium is safely used in utensils, foil wraps for food as well as pharmaceutical packaging. Aluminium is inherently strong.

Specially-designed windows can keep your house safe from thefts. Our windows, for instance, come with special fittings such as multi-point lock, anti-lift plug and safety glass to keep your house safe.

Reason 4: Sleek and Beautiful:

Aluminium windows have a timeless appeal, thanks to their corrosion-resistant property. Also, aluminium windows can be powder coated or anodised and the colour palette is unlimited. This opens up a host of creative possibilities for the homeowners looking for the right frames to match or contrast their home decor. Eternia windows are sleek and clean in appearance and are available in unlimited colours and finishes.

Here’s a useful resource on finding the right window for your home, that’s worth a dekko.

Want to know more reasons for the increasing popularity of aluminium windows in India? Watch out this space for more.

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