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Check these window privacy ideas

August 27, 2022

Windows not only add architectural details to your home but also provide the rooms with much-needed natural light and ventilation. They are among the most valuable items that increase the curb appeal of the home from outside as well as inside. However, you also need window privacy to help you feel safe and protected. Here are some ideas to protect your privacy without compromising on the style:

  1. Blinds:

    An ideal combination of style and functionality, blinds are a good option to enhance the privacy of your room. At night, you can pull the blinds down for maximum privacy. During the day, you can pull them up for an unobstructed view of the outdoors and ventilation. Select blinds treated with an anti-static finish to prevent dust build-up. For a clean, contemporary look, install horizontal blinds. If you want to elevate the height of a room, consider installing vertical blinds.

  2. Curtains:

    There are different types of curtains to address different home decor concerns. Here are a few:

    • Blackout curtains: They are typically fabric curtains that are lined with a light-blocking foam. The fabric faces indoors, while the foam backing blocks most of the sunlight.
    • Sheer curtains: They are airy, pretty and delicate. They let abundant light in and brighten the living space.
    • Double curtains: They are a combination of sheer and opaque curtains. Pull back the heavier curtains during the day and leave the sheer curtains closed. Sheer curtains will allow the sunlight to stream through but at the same time, they will offer some privacy. At night, you draw both the curtains for complete privacy.
      When it comes to fabrics, choose crisp fabrics for café curtains and pleated draperies, while soft fabrics are perfect for ring-top curtains where they puddle onto the floor giving a casual elegance to the space.
  3. Shades:

    Made of a soft panel of fabric attached to a frame, shades fit inside the frame of a window. They make the window look neat. They can be raised and lowered. However, unlike blinds, they cannot be tilted to allow in more or less natural light. There are different types of shades available and the most common of them are roller shades. This type of shade has an opaque or semi-opaque sheet that rolls and unrolls. Another popular option is cellular shades that are made of a series of “honeycomb” cells. They are good for keeping heat and air conditioning in and sound out.


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