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Yoga room ideas by one of the leading premium aluminium windows manufacturers

June 23, 2022

To start practising yoga at home, you need a designated yoga area where you can cultivate awareness and internal calm. As you practise in the same spot day after day, you can reduce the potential for distractions and mind wandering. With a bit of creativity, you can replicate the relaxing vibe of yoga studios at your home. As one of the leading premium aluminium windows manufacturers, we share with you a few easy ideas to create your yoga room:

  1. Declutter the room: To quiet your busy mind, you need a calming and relaxing yoga space that is uncluttered. Remove items that don’t serve a purpose. Use decorative items that are inspiring. If you are using a space that is either small or already has furniture,move everything up against the walls. The yoga space should be clean and there should be enough space for you to do stretches.
  2. Choose muted colours for the walls: If you are planning to paint the room, opt for muted and calm colours. While white and off-white are among the best bets, you can even go for soft shades of green, lavender, blue and pink.
  3. Set the mood with the right type of lighting: If you’re planning to use the yoga room during the day, let in the natural light. Exposure to natural light increases focus – when the mind wanders, a room flooded with sunlight can help you come back to the present and focus on your breathing. Also, exposure to sunlight offers a myriad of health benefits. According to a study, exposure to daylight has a positive effect on sleep, mood and general well-being. For maximum sunlight, open the windows. The modern-day windows, especially the premium aluminium windows let the light flood into your yoga space – thanks to their slim sightlines. With lower sightlines of upto 20mm, Eternia windows allow slimmer designs that give you more glass and less visible frames. You can also put sheer curtains that allow in light. If you’re planning to use the yoga room in the evening, use dim lights that help create a calmer ambience.
  4. Create a calming environment with plants: A little bit of greenery will help you feel connected to nature. Decorate the room with potted plants. Succulents and glass terrariums are great options as they are low maintenance and do not require too much sunlight. Snake plant, English ivy and aloe vera are good options if the room receives a good amount of sunlight.
  5. Infuse aroma: A yoga room is incomplete without the calming scents that can help you unwind and destress. Use an oil diffuser, incense or scented candles to create a fragrant ambience. Lemongrass, lavender and rose are some of the popular fragrances that you can use. You can decorate the room with aromatic flowers such as rose and lavender.
  6. Inspirational posters: Mandalas, tapestries, artwork and photos of forests, oceans, and mountains will help infuse new energy into your yoga room. If you plan to use only a small corner of the room for yoga, hang curtains from the ceiling to section off the yoga space. You can also use mandala tapestries as curtains.
  7. Soundproof the room with premium aluminium windows: While you are concentrating on breaths or holding asanas, the last thing you want is disturbing noise from the traffic or the loud chatter from a neighbour’s house. You can install noise cancelling premium aluminium windows. Our Eternia range of WiWA certified windows are made of Duranium™, an aluminium alloy specially invented for Eternia windows, that is compatible with high-performance glass. Our windows are tested to reduce outdoor noise by up to 35dB. To know the aluminium window price per sq ft, book a free consultation.
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