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Duranium™ is an eternally recyclable aluminium alloy invented by Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer. The alloy has been specially invented exclusively for the Eternia range. No other windows in the world have Duranium™.

High Wind-Load Resistence Eternia WindowsHigh Wind-Load Resistence Eternia Windows

Cyclone speeds can exceed 150 km/h, and leave windows and homes completely destroyed. Choose wisely. Know your WiWA© score

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Hindalco, a 63-year-old legacy of quality and trust, backed by the Aditya Birla Group.

Hindalco is the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer. The highly experienced Hindalco engineers who create parts for aerospace missions have created the Duranium™ alloy for Eternia. That’s how you know your family is truly being protected by the best.

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