The Eternia difference

Our stunning premium series openable windows and doors are:

  • Made with specially-invented Duranium™ alloy for extra strength and stunning finish
  • Tested and certified for superior wind, water, and air performance
  • High-security features like multipoint locking
  • Suitable for large openings. Multiple typology options like open in/out, turn & tilt, pivot and swing
  • Certified for lower environmental impact with international GreenPro EcoLabel certification.

Customer Benefits

Really weatherproof

Get superior protection against stormy winds, water leakage and other unwanted elements, for years. Suitable for areas prone to extreme rain and winds with high speed.

Ideal for a range of structures 

Its large opening sizes are suitable for villas, balconies and french windows.

 Better noise and temperature control

Thanks to their compatibility with DGU and laminated glass, these windows keep noise out and help keep indoor temperatures in check.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Sash Height (mm): 3000
  • Glass Range (mm): 5-40
  • Sight Line(mm): Frame- 49, Window Sash-74, Door Sash-100
WiWA© Score
  • Wind 10
  • Water   10
  • Air   10
  • Overall   10
Certified as per:
  • Wind: Class E3000 (2.5 kPa) as per BSEN12210
  • Water: Class E770 (750 Pa) as per BSEN12208
  • Air: Class 4 (600 Pa) as per BSEN12207

Your window’s WiWA© score will change depending on where you live and other conditions like the type of your house (a bungalow or an apartment).

Find out the right WiWA© score your window needs and ensure superior protection for your loved ones.

Know your WiWA© score

Eternia Openable Windows and Doors (ETP-CS)

Popular typology
WIWA Score :
  • Wind (include 2.5 stars) Class xx as per ENxxx
  • Water (include 3.5 stars) Class xx as per ENxxx
  • Air (include 4 stars) Class xx as per ENxxx
  • Total (include 3.3 stars)
Handle options
Double door
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