410C – Eternia Essentials Openable Windows and Doors

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Handle options

The Eternia difference

Our stunning series of openable windows and doors are:

  • Compact and Low-Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free upkeep with our casement windows and doors, designed to be compact and easy to maintain.
  • Uninterrupted Views, Weather-Resistant: Embrace the beauty of your surroundings with wide openings offering uninterrupted views, while our WiWA© certified designs ensure reliable protection and durability in extreme weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Sash height: 2700 mm
  • Max Sash width: 900 mm
  • Glass Thickness: 6mm to 20mm
  • Sightline ( in mm): Frame-49, Window sash-74, Door sash-89
  • Weight: 90 kg

Popular colours

WiWA© Score

Wind 9

Water 8

Air 8

Overall 8

Certified as per:

Wind: Class C5 (2.0 kpa) as per BSEN12210

Water: Class 7A ( 300 pa) as per BSEN12208

Air: Class 2 (300 pa) as per BSEN 12207

Your window’s WiWA© score will change depending on where you live and other conditions like the type of your house (a bungalow or an apartment).

Find out the right WiWA© score your window needs and ensure superior protection for your loved ones.

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