A revolution that can transform your home!

Eternia, by Hindalco, the world's largest aluminium manufacturer.

Why Eternia?

  • Made with Duranium™, an alloy created by engineers who create parts for aerospace missions.
  • India’s first WiWA-certified windows that offer superior protection against wind, water and dust
  • Slim, sleek designs for uninterrupted views, strong frames for better durability.
  • Unlimited colours and finishes to choose from
  • By Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer, from the Aditya Birla Group.
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A revolution in action 

  • Tested to keep out the heaviest of rains

  • Tested to keep out extremely loud noises

  • Tested to protect you from cyclonic winds

  • Tested to keep out pollution

  • High dent resistance. Prevents your windows from getting damaged, bent or broken

  • Stunning finish

  • Difficult to imitate, thanks to our specially invented, patented alloy

  • Eternally recyclable, as aluminium is a highly sustainable material.

  • An industry-first AMC service

  • Best-in-class warranty

Find your right window

Superior protection or stunning finish?

What would you rather choose while selecting a window?

With Eternia, you can choose both.

Explore both these tools to find that perfect window. The one that not only protects you from the elements, but also takes the beauty of your home to new heights.

Design your certified windowDesign your certified window

Our 'Design your own window' tool helps you customise your window by opting for colours, finishes, handles and other accessories of your choice.Design your certified window

Know your WiWA© scoreKnow your WiWA© score

Our 'Know your WiWA© score' tool helps you find a window with the right WiWA© performance, based on where you live and what your requirements are.Know your WiWA© score

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WiWA© score: your guide for choosing the right window

How W WA© works, taking an example of a home in Delhi. 

  •  Home located in Delhi, on the 10th floor of a high rise apartment
  •  Rains can also be extreme
  •  Cyclones are uncommon (but the wind speed is high)
  •  Extremely polluted and noisy
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