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Common mistakes you might be making with bedroom windows

January 19, 2022

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and your safe haven. It is where you unwind after a busy day at work. So, there is no reason why you would not want it to feel like a retreat that radiates the right vibe and energy. To add the right ambience to your bedroom decor, you need to consider several factors including outdoor noise, light and indoor air quality. And the right selection of bedroom windows affects all the above mentioned factors.

Here we discuss where people go wrong with bedroom windows:

Mistake 1: Installing windows that do not let in enough sunlight:

Sunlight has a myriad of health benefits, including boosting one’s mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. One study found that people had higher serotonin (mood-boosting chemical) levels on bright sunny days than on cloudy ones. When installing new bedroom windows, try to maximise sunlight to make the space feel brighter and fresh. Install high-quality large aluminium windows. The best aluminium windows have slimmer frame designs, they allow more sunlight to enter your room.

Looking for the best aluminium windows in India?

Explore high-quality aluminium windows by Eternia by Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group. These windows come in large sizes and offer a variety of features that improve security and comfort of your home. They are made from specially invented aluminium alloy, Duranium™. It is exclusively created for the Eternia range and no other window in the world is made of this alloy. These windows are strong, with sightlines of 20mm, they are capable of withstanding wind loads of 3.75kPa.

Mistake 2: Installing windows that do not reduce outside noise:

Sleep is an important part of our lives. We spend about a third of our life either sleeping or trying to sleep? However, if you live in a crowded area or near a bustling highway or have noisy neighbours, your bedroom will no longer be a quiet retreat you want to come back to at the end of every day. When you install ordinary aluminium windows instead of soundproof windows, outdoor noise can go as high as 70 dB, even during the nights. Eternia windows are tested to keep out extremely loud noises – they are India’s first WiWA© tested and certified windows made with a specially invented Duranium™ alloy. Know the science behind WiWA© here.

Mistake 3: Not paying enough attention to durability:

While buying a window, most people compromise on the durability factor. They tend to buy windows that come with a lower price tag. However, installing low-cost windows can cost you more in the long run. High-quality windows made with strong and durable material last longer and keep your home safe. For instance, Eternia windows are tested to keep out the heaviest rains and protect your hose from strong, cyclonic winds., they are more resistant to warping, twisting or sticking when subjected to adverse conditions.

Mistake 4: Curtains as an afterthought

Curtains give your bedroom a personality and character. When purchasing curtains consider factors such as – fabric type, length, colour and heading type. For bedroom windows, select lined curtains as they make your curtains look fuller, block light leakage and enhance your privacy.

Mistake 5: Covering the window with furniture and large decor items:

Do not put things in front of windows as they can block natural light. And when the light is blocked, it can make your bedroom appear dark, small and congested.

Mistake 6: Not installing windows properly

Always consult professionals while installing windows. When windows are installed at the wrong angles, it can lead to improper natural light distribution in the room. Also, poorly-installed windows can cause water damage, air leakage and safety problems.

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