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How to clean double-hung windows?

August 26, 2022

Whether the sun is shining or it’s raining outside, there’s nothing like sitting by the window and enjoying the outdoor view. However,  streaks, spots and smudges on windows can often mar the beautiful view. It’s not thus surprising that many homeowners do not take spring cleaning their windows as an afterthought. Today, we are going to share some easy tips to clean double-hung windows that have sashes that go vertically up and down.  They are quite common in modern-day homes as they allow maximum circulation as both sashes can be opened (one at a time).

Tips to clean your double-hung windows:

What you need to clean the windows:

  • Glass cleaning agent
  • Vacuum with extension hose
  • 1 bucket of warm water
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Dry microfibre cloth


Step 1: Prepare the windows:

For any good cleaning job, preparation is important. Get all the necessary things you need to clean the windows. You may need a step stool or a ladder to reach the exterior of the glass. Remove the detachable fly mesh, if you have one. Examine each window and ensure that there are no cracks or dents that need repair.

Step 2: Vacuum the windows:

To make the whole cleaning process a tad easier, vacuum the window frames. This will make cleaning less messier. Vacuum all the bottom of the sill and side tracks and remove as much dust as you can with an extension hose.

Step 3: Clean the interior window:

Spray the window cleaning solution on the sponge and clean the interior of the windows. Usually, cleaning the interior side takes less time as it has less dirt in comparison to the exterior. Once you have cleaned the window with the window cleaning solution. Remove the streaks with a microfibre cloth.

Step 4: Clean the exterior window:

Raise the bottom sash. Then, locate the tilt hatches on the window’s bottom sash. Slowly, pull the sash inwards and clean it. However, when cleaning the sash make sure that you don’t tilt the windows too far, otherwise that could damage the frame.
Note: If you live on higher floors and there are no safety grilles around, hire a professional to clean the windows.  

Step 5: Deep clean the exterior of the window:

If the exterior windows are very dirty, you may have to deep clean them. Make a cleaning solution at home using vinegar and water and clean the glass.

Step 6: Let the windows dry:

Allow some time for the windows to dry properly. Don’t rush putting them back. It is a good idea to clean the windows on a sunny day.

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