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Noise Proof vs. Noise Cancelling Windows

June 17, 2024

In the hustle-bustle of the modern urbanised world, where quality life is a luxury, choosing the right windows for your home can be challenging. This is especially daunting when misplaced information is moving around. The same is true of noise-cancelling windows. Established fenestration brands and retailers often term their products noise-proof or noise-cancelling. Eternia, by Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group has therefore taken the initiative to inform consumers of the fundamental differences between the two terms and the benefits of aluminium windows that effectively reduce noise.

The Misleading Jargon: Noise-proof vs Noise-cancelling

The heavy claims in the market, taking the hue and cry of noise-proof windows, are nothing but misleading! This is because noise-proof windows imply complete sound elimination; no window can be genuine “noise-proof.” Even premium-quality products have some degree of sound transmission. Noise cancellation is not the correct usage when we talk about windows. Noise cancellation technology essentially uses sound waves to actively cancel out the outside noise. This technology is adopted by headphone manufacturers.

Understanding Noise-cancelling Aluminium Windows

Sound insulation is the correct terminology for aluminium windows because combining other design features can significantly reduce sound transmission. Let us see what features help us achieve the desired noise-cancelling windows:

  1. Double Glazing

    This is the crucial element. Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by an air-filled spacer. The glazing creates a barrier that significantly reduces sound transmission compared to single-pane windows. Eternia windows come in both single- and double-glazed options. They also provide lamination, which can go up to 20mm. These features combined can prevent energy loss and outside noise from seeping in.

  2. Glass Thickness

    The thicker the glass panes, the better the sound insulation. Laminated glass, where two glass sheets are bonded, also reduces noise. Our Premium range windows, particularly the casement windows, can be customised with glass thicknesses up to 40mm!

  3. Sealing

    Gaps around the window frame are a major culprit for noise leakage. High-quality seals ensure a tight fit between the window frame and the wall, minimising sound intrusion. Our aluminium doors and windows have a unique gasket and woolpile sealing mechanism for casement and sliding windows, respectively. These innovative features protect from dust and noise seepage.

We combine these features with our Duranium frames to make quality windows that let consumers enjoy serene moments at home or work. The benefits include increased comfort, improved energy efficiency, and high property value.

Eternia Windows: Unleashing the Power of Noise-insulation for Your Comfort and Peace

We at Eternia know the importance of comfort and peace, especially when designing windows for homes and working spaces. Therefore, we give you the option to customise your windows based on your location. We have three ranges: Eternia Essential, Premium and Luxury. Each range has varied window designs with more or less the same features, just differing measurements. For instance, our casement windows from the Premium range can be customised with glass thicknesses up to 40mm, whereas casement windows from the Essential range have glass thicknesses of 5 mm to 6 mm.

While Eternia windows can not be called noise-proof windows or noise-cancelling windows per se, they qualify as good and effective sound insulators. We have windows and doors that can provide basic, heavy, and extreme sound insulation. You can check the WiWA score of your windows and decide which variant you want to go ahead with. This score helps you evaluate the window performance on three parameters: wind pressure, water pressure, and air permeability.

For more detailed information and an understanding of our varied products, contact our window expert or visit the nearest fabricator and enjoy a comfortable and peaceful living environment!

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