Badly Fitted Windows

Signs of Poorly-installed Windows

January 19, 2022

New windows should make your home more comfortable, secure and energy efficient. However, if the windows are not properly installed, they will not serve the purpose and cost you money. So, how do you know that your windows have not been installed properly? Well, even if you are not a window expert, there are several different ways to check and in this article we will discuss them –

Here are some signs of poorly-installed windows that homeowners should be wary of:

Sign 1: Gaps between the frame and the sill

One of the most visible and worrying signs that the windows at your home are not properly installed is the gap between the window frames and the sill or the wall. This indicates that either the measurements were not taken properly or the wrong prefabricated widows were chosen.

Sign 2: Drafts of air entering the room

Gaps in the windows are not just unsightly but they can also be a source of drafts. Even after closing the windows, if you feel the breeze from outdoors in the room, there are chances that the windows are poorly installed. Drafts can also cause the air-conditioned air in the summers and hot indoor air in the winters to escape – thus increasing your power bills.

Sign 3: Rainwater dripping through the window

Gaps in the windows not just let outdoor air and dust into your home but they also let rainwater to drip through. If the gaps are big you may even notice trickling through the wall. This water seepage can cause the wall paint to bubble and the walls to chip and peel away. In the worst scenario, it can cause mold growth that can affect the health of your family and ruin your belongings such as wooden furniture, books and furnishings.

Sign 4: Outdoor noise

Many people install new soundproof windows to reduce the outdoor noise inside the home. However, if there is no reduction in noise despite closing the windows, it means that the windows have not been installed properly.

Sign 5: Windows won’t close completely:

Another problem that you may encounter with a poorly installed window is that it may not completely open or shut. This could be because they are not properly aligned or the size of the window frames is wrong.

Looking for new windows that are properly installed by professionals and also come with warranty?

The best way to avoid seeing the signs of bad window installation is to buy aluminium windows by a reputed brand. For high-quality aluminium window frames and reliable installation, trust Eternia from Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group. Eternia range of windows are known for:

  • Durability: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions –

    Unlike ordinary aluminium windows, Eternia window frames are made of Duranium™, an aluminium alloy known for superior durability and stunning finish.

    1. Eternia windows have Yield Strength of 225-235 MPa and Ultimate Tensile Strength of 250-260 Mpa. This makes them strong enough to withstand strong winds, even of cyclonic range.
    2. Eternia windows have also been tested to provide water leakage protection of up to 750 pa. This is enough to prevent water seepage even during the heaviest of rains in India.
  • Airtight design –

    The unique airtight design of Eternia windows reduces draft, noise and dust. The airtight sealing ensures that there is no gap between the frames and the glass.

    1. Noise insulation: The airtight design with custom -developed accessories reduce outside noise upto 35 dB.
    2. Dust insulation: As there is no gap between the frames and glass, Eternia windows offer good dust insulation
  • Warranty: An assurance of quality –

    Eternia windows come with up to 12 years of warranty on the window frames and a 2-year warranty on the moving hardware components.

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