reasons to choose aluminium windows and doors

Top reasons to choose aluminium windows and doors

December 13, 2023

Be it your workspace or personal space, when it comes to choosing the ideal windows and doors, the options seem endless. Among all the choices available in the market at the current time, aluminium windows and doors undoubtedly stand out for a wide number of reasons.

From their strong durability to their aesthetic appeal, which enhances the look and feel of the space, Aluminium windows are rising as the preferred choice in the current times. Now, we all are aware of the fact that windows are like the eyes of a building, letting in all the natural light and helping us see the world outside. Thanks to their lasting durability, incredible strength and design flexibility, such windows and doors are the ultimate choice of space owners.

Top 5 reasons to choose aluminium windows and doors from Eternia, Hindalco

  1. A Special Patented Aluminium Alloy – Duranium

    Duranium, an aluminium alloy exclusively developed by Aditya Birla’s Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer. Duranium offers the advantage of sleeker, stronger and taller windows and doors for your home. This alloy distinguishes their windows as well as doors from typical aluminium products, and moreover, it also stands out for its eternal recyclability.

  2. Tested and Certified – WiWA Promise

    Essentially, the windows we provide undergo WiWA testing and certification. WiWA stands for Wind, Water, and Air, ensuring that these windows are designed to offer protection against cyclonic winds, heavy rainfall, dust, and even noise pollution so that you feel protected in your cocoon. Additionally, each window is assigned a WiWA score, an algorithm jointly developed with the experts of IIT D, indicating its performance rating by Eternia.

  3. Best in Class Warranty

    We at Eternia are committed until our user purchases windows and doors from us and even for a decade after that. We offer a whooping warranty period of 12 years on our profiles and 2 years on hardware. So, once you shake hands with us, you are in for a stress-free ride!

  4. Longevity

    When it comes to quality of Aluminium windows and doors, there are no compromises from our end! Well, the material we use in all products is renowned for its robustness and longevity. Unlike other materials like wood, aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion, weathering, and rust. This factor ensures that they can easily withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating, making them ideal for both interior as well as exterior use.

  5. Stylish and Highly Customizable

    We offer unparalleled versatility in design to all our consumers. The innate strength of Duranium, the exclusive aluminium alloy, allows for slimmer frames and larger glass panels, enabling a more expansive and unobstructed view. Moreover, when it comes to customization you can choose from your choice of color and finish options, we are open to endless possibilities as per your preferences and desires.

Another underrated and attractive aspect of aluminium is its low maintenance requirements. Now, when you compare it to wood, you might be well aware that it requires frequent maintenance, like painting or sealing.
However, if you go for Aluminium windows or doors, it hardly needs any maintenance. Routine cleaning with a damp cloth would be more than enough to keep them looking pristine.
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