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Useful insights on creating your own creative space: curated by one of the leading premium aluminium windows manufacturers

“As I ascend the stairs to my studio, I leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind and enter a creative wonderland.”

— Margie Woods Brown

One of the most important aspects of tapping into creativity is having an inspiring space to work in. Many use words such as “sanctuary,” “haven,” “creative wonderland” and “dream come true” to describe their creative space. Here we discuss how the decor elements such as colours and ceiling height can encourage your creative thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Design psychology: useful insights

As more and more information is being put out by the scientific community on design psychology, we are seeing innovative businesses applying the lessons to encourage employee productivity. 

For instance, a study found that the colour blue promotes creativity and red makes us vigilant and helps us perform better in detail-oriented tasks. We now know that natural settings play an important role in boosting creativity. A study found that ceiling height affects a person’s thinking capabilities. Respondents in a room with a 10-foot ceiling performed better in creativity assessment tests than those who sat under an 8-foot ceiling. 

Even retailers are leveraging the power of good design to influence the buying decisions of the visitors. However, the one place that people often overlook when it comes to optimising creativity is their homes —the place where they spend more time than anywhere else. So, without further ado, check out these insights on creating your own creative space that will elevate your mood, increase productivity and instil a general sense of well-being.

  1. Leverage the power of right lighting: To control the ambience of the space, use the right combination of ambient, task and accent lighting. Add even and diffused lighting solutions throughout the room to prevent eye strain. Also, position lighting solutions in a way that they don’t create shadows over your work area. When planning the lighting design, an important factor to take into consideration is daylighting. It is an excellent light source for almost all interior spaces because people respond positively to it. Common ways to introduce daylight are through windows, glass doors and skylights. Though there is a myriad of benefits of natural light, unfiltered sunlight has its serious downsides such as glare, deep shadows, and damage to artwork, fabrics and furnishings.
    If you are planning to install new aluminium sliding windows and openable windows in your home, take into consideration the architectural layout, daily solar cycles and solar orientation. To install custom sliding windows and openable windows, get in touch with our window experts. Call us at +91 97699 40000 to know about the cost of aluminium sliding windows and openable windows, colours and finishes and other important factors.
    Let us briefly discuss how you can realise the full benefits of sunlight:
  • Move furniture out of the way of the windows
  • Add the right window treatments such as blinds and curtains, to gain control over daylight admission
  • Install electric lighting controls to help you realise the energy savings benefit of daylighting
  • Avoid window treatments that block light
  • Hang mirrors on walls to bounce light back into the room. 

You can check this useful read on how to bring more natural light to your home to get more insights.  

  1. Connect inside and outside: Let there be no boundary between what is outside and what is inside. Select wall colours, curtains, cushions and upholstery, artwork and decorative pieces that evoke nature. From leafy prints on fabric or wallpaper to wood flooring and natural stone countertops -there are many ways to add decorative elements that have a direct connection to nature. Last but not the least, you can bring nature indoors via natural light, plants and water features. You can install large aluminium sliding doors for a seamless experience indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the insights on adding plants as decor elements: 
  • Consider  indoor plants such as money plant, dragon tree, aloe vera and English ivy
  • Use unique planters to add a touch of drama. From ceramic planters to mid-century brass

planters, there are many types of planters to choose from

  • Create your vertical garden
  • Mimic the look of a hanging garden by suspending plants on curtain rods
  • Create a plant chandelier and hang it over a cosy reading space
  1. Furnish it right: Furnish a small space with small pieces and a spacious room with large furniture items. Choose furnishings and decor pieces made from natural elements such as stone, wood, bamboo, jute, linen, cotton and jute. Optimise your space for creative excitement by adding a focal point to the decor. It can be an artwork, a fireplace or even the windows. When selecting furniture for the space, buy modular and multi-functioning furniture pieces as they take less floor space, while offering numerous options for storage and work surfaces. Keep the space cool and quiet to avoid distractions. To mitigate the outdoor noise, use thick window drapes. An upholstered furniture is also a great option – use fabrics such as microfibre, chenille or corduroy for upholstering the chairs and sofas. You can also lay a plush rug or carpet. To achieve a calm and quiet ambience for your creative space, install soundproof windows that can reduce outdoor noise to a great extent. 

Note: Eternia windows come with high-performance glass and superior air tightness which allow noise reduction up to 35 dB. 

We hope you found these insights helpful. Stay tuned to this space for more home decor tips.

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