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Window seating: settees vs sofas

June 23, 2022

Window seats are often the most loved area in a home. Whether it is used as a reading nook or a seat with storage, a window seat adds a sense of cosiness to the home. If you are planning to turn the unused or awkward space beneath the window into a charming focal point, you will have to decide between a settee or a sofa. As an aluminium windows manufacturer, we share with you the difference between sofa and settee and how you can use them to create a comfortable window seat:

1. Design

The main difference between sofas and settees is the basic design. Settees have a slimmer and sleeker profile than sofas. They typically have high, straight backs and shallow seats. The legs are often exposed and tall. On the other hand, sofas come in a variety of styles. From a typical couch to spacious sectional sofas, from love seats to modular sofas, many types of sofas are designed for different kinds of interiors.

2. Look

Sofas are known for their more formal look and feel and are thus used in the living rooms for entertaining guests. Sofas are quite versatile. They are ideal for both formal and casual settings. Settees, on the other hand, are less formal. They are used for decorative reasons in the living room but are not used as the primary seating option.

3. Placement

Sofas mainly occupy the centre position in the living room, making it ideal for watching films together or entertaining guests. Settees can be used as secondary seating along with a sofa. Due to their petite size, settees easily fit into small spaces. Therefore, they are often placed at entryways, bedrooms and reading nooks. They are even placed next to a shoe rack so that they can be used as a convenient seat.

Why have a window seat in your home?

In many homes, space is at a premium. A window seat sofa is an easy, effective way to address the seating problem without adding too many chairs that can make the space appear cramped. A bonus of window seats is that they offer extra storage space and that too largely hidden.

Which one to use: settees or sofas for window seating?

The choice of settees or sofas depends on various factors. Some of the common factors include:

  • Space: This is the most important factor to take into consideration. If the space beneath the window is small, settees are ideal as they are sleek. However, for large spaces, sofas make for a comfortable seating option.
  • Purpose: If you are planning to spend mornings seeping a cup of coffee comfortably and at the same time looking for a comfortable sleeping spot for the overnight guest, sofas or sofa-cum-beds are ideal for you. However, if you just want a small cosy reading space, settees are ideal.
  • Storage: If you are looking for extra space, storage settees are a good option.

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